Include Some Teams/Google Workspace feature to collaborate as a team

Hello team

We would like to request a feature for Graph Protocol to include google Workspace emails on their website to collaborate with other team members.

This feature would be beneficial to improve collaboration and communication between team members. Google Workspace offers a range of features to help teams work together, including shared calendars, chat, video meetings, and file sharing. Being able to easily access and use these features on Graph Protocol’s website would make it easier for users to collaborate more effectively.

We believe that this feature would be a great addition to Graph Protocol and would greatly benefit users by providing them with a more efficient way to communicate and collaborate.

Thank you for your consideration.

I, for one, would prefer not to have more contact info available on a public facing website.

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Hi @Shreetheja ,

Thanks for your suggestion.

What would be the ultimate goal here? Would this mainly be for community members to reach out to core developers of the protocol?

Happy to help once I better understand what exactly you’re looking for.

Yes its true we dont need it for public website but this is to collaborate inside a team internally to have a single account with all api keys and billing info to collaborate

This would be for group of team working on a multiple subgraph but one billing account

It seems you are suggesting that “Graph Protocol” provide a Google Workspace for users of Subgraph Studio and/or Explorer? (“The Graph Website”). Is that correct?

It’s not in the core values of The Graph to promote centralized services, and this would be an unnecessary and unrelated expense to The Graph Foundation as far as I can tell from your description.

If subgraph authors want a Google Workspace account, they can get one themselves.