Interval / Polling / CRON

It could be nice to be able to call a handler periodically (every X seconds or X blocks)
I am currently emulating this with a per block call that fail short (if timestamp is not a certain value), but it’s too slow.

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You might want to provide some context and / or clarify what you’re trying to achieve.

Anyway, it’s going to be block based, not seconds based.


Hi, I would like to call a chainlink contract every x blocks (say ~20 blocks) to record the price of an asset at this blocks.
The new Chainlink API does not provide an efficient & simple way to directly obtain historical price that I can use from the subgraph handlers. The previous (now deprecated) API provided a simple event to use: AnswerUpdated that was fired when the price change. Deprecated API Reference

The feature I propose would make the implementation (using the new API) really easy in comparison.

This feature can also be useful to easily create snaphots of some data every X blocks.

This makes sense, I think this is the same as the feature request here:


What’s the status on this? It’s a feature I was looking into lately