Introducing the Semiotic Indexer

Hello everyone! Today we’d like to introduce Semiotic’s newest indexer to the community, semiotic-indexer.eth! Our newest indexer operation represents the culmination of our organization’s learning and interactions with The Graph and the greater community. We’re looking for delegation to our operation, so that we may provide additional service to the distributed network and reward to members of the community. Our target effective cut is 10%.

In detail:

  • Our indexer is located in the western United States, operating out of The Dalles, Oregon.
  • We are operating on the Google Compute Platform, fully orchestrated with Kubernetes.
  • We’re using our own self-hosted Erigon nodes for optimal and reliable connection to Ethereum.
  • And, most importantly, we use POIfier for continuous proof-of-indexing in effort to ensure that we always deliver the right result.

In the future, we intend to publish a display by which our delegators can see how we’re doing in real time, in addition to directly contributing to the indexer stack in effort to give back to the community. This operation is maintained full-time by two dedicated individuals here at Semiotic, myself and Alexis. You can reach me on Discord at kaiw#9812. Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone!

~Kai @ Semiotic