Introducing TKN.eth

Hello Graph Community!

Imagine giving developers a convenient Subgraph for all token metadata.

We are building the Token Name Service; a comprehensive onchain token list, which anyone can suggest updates to, that we hope to make a piece of crypto infrastructure.

We believe TKN is a perfect companion for The Graph infrastructure. It’s onchain nature makes it consumable by a subgraph, and benefitting from decentralized uptime.

We are in the process of rolling out and would love to have a subgraph for the launch.

To stay in touch, follow product updates at
Browse the app:
View the docs:
We even have an iOS app!

Technical summary:
TKN uses ENS subdomains of tkn.eth to organize token data onchain. i.e. wbtc.tkn.eth resolves the metadata for the Wrapped Bitcoin token. TKN thus inherits all of the ENS infrastructure and tooling. TKN data can be consumed from Ethers.js, Wagmi.js, Viem, Etherscan, Foundry, and Solidity itself.

Naturally, we are interested in adding a subgraph to allow developers to fetch metadata for multiple tokens in a single query.

Once again, great to meet everyone! :wave:


Hey there, I’ll reach out in discord but I can help get that built!