This month in curation #13 | March 22

This month:

  • Subgraph NFTs are now implemented

  • The Graph at ETHDenver

  • Core Dev Call#10 - A great overview of Achievements, Active work and Next Steps for core development in The Graph Ecosystem.

GIP-0023: Subgraph ownership transfer using external NFT contract | GIP-0023 Forum thread

  • On february 23rd the anticipated GIP-0023 was implemented.

  • Whenever an app developer publishes a new subgraph, the GNS will mint an NFT. Whoever owns the NFT controls the subgraph. The NFT is based on a standard ERC721, so it can be easily transferred to different accounts with no limitation. Additionally, the NFT is burned when the owner deprecates the subgraph.

  • All access control for the following functions will be NFT-owner based:

    • updateSubgraphMetadata()
    • publishNewVersion()
    • deprecateSubgraph()
  • With GIP-0023, the primary key that defines a subgraph has changed:

    • Previously, the primary key was a combination of graphAccount and subgraphNumber
    • The primary key is now a single subgraphID.

ETHDenver February 11th-20th.

  • At ETHDenver, builders, thought leaders and creatives across the web3 space got together for a week of building, discussions, workshops, presentations, and to celebrate the future of web3 and the ecosystem’s ever-growing community.

  • Talks & Workshops

    • There were a large number of interesting talks & workshops at ETHDenver. Below are some highlights you might want to check out. :

    • Decentralized Social Media - Tegan Kline (Edge & Node), Eric Tang (Livepeer), Gregory Rocco (SpruceID) | Youtube

    • The Road from Web2-to-Web3 - Ryan Coordinator and Nader Dabit (Edge & Node) | Youtube

    • The Challenges of Scaling Blockchain API’s - Nader Dabit (Edge & Node); Temoc Weber (, EG Galano (Infura) | Youtube

    • Building an NFT API with the Graph - Nader Dabit (Edge & Node) | Youtube

The Graph’s Core Devs Meeting #10 | Forum Post

  • The Graph’s Core Devs Meeting #10 was held on February 2nd.

  • Four of the Core Developer teams presented detailed developer updates. This section provided a great overview of current and future work in The Graph Ecosystem. See the call notes for each Core Dev team’s Achievements, Active work and Next Steps.

  • Many exciting GraphQL API features are being developed. Some of them are highly anticipated by the developer community:

    • AND/OR filters
    • Filter and sort by child entity
    • Case-insensitive search
    • Filter by change_block
  • LimeChain presented another game changing developer tool - The Subgraph Debug Tool | Docs

    • The subgraph debug tool allows developers to run their mappings using the store from an existing subgraph. If a subgraph fails, a developer would attempt to fix the issue. They could then use the store from the failed subgraph to run the block where the subgraph failed. This allows the developer to receive immediate feedback on their attempts to fix a failing subgraph.
  • I strongly encourage anyone that missed the call to view the recording (to be published soon™), or read the notes found here.