Know Your Indexer #7 | Ryabina

We are excited to introduce Ryabina’s team in our segment called “Know Your Indexer” in this 7th edition. Ask all your questions to Ryabina’s Team to know what their goals are, why they work in The Graph’s Network, and more.

Ryabina’s Team support the community with a lot of information, tools, and educational guides. They are always attentive in The Graph’s communities to help the new delegators and answer any questions.

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Visit their website
Address: 0x9238584c74e5fa445a8f72a4d4ef4699dd783852

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About the Know Your Indexer


Hi, Ryabina! I’d really love your Graphscan dashboard. Do you intend to add additional functionality to better manage delegations?

Could you explain the formulas that are behind the calculator?

Hi. Thank you!
Right now we are working on a great update to Graphscan that will include new features and delegation management!


How would you describe your long-term vision and plan for and within the network?

I’ve noticed you run two other indexers:


I’ve seen another indexer operator with multiple indexer addresses explain how the difference between their indexers will grow as one of their indexer (addresses) will be indexing multiple subgraphs while the other one will only index the bare minimum. I personally dislike that approach, because it fractionalises the indexer’s reputation in an already tricky (intuitive) reputation system.

What is your plan? Are you going to choose the same approach are you going to try to keep them levelled (i.e. each address indexing roughly the same number of subgraphs)?

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Highlited Questions


  1. Tell us a bit about you, when did you join the blockchain world and how did you start at the graph?

As Ryabina we gathered in 2017. In 2019 we started validating activities with the launch of our validator on the Kusama network.

From the very beginning we knew that The Graph network is a significant and important project to the all industry, so we followed it from the early stages. And in the moment of its testnet and especially mainet we did our best to provide The Graph with the best support we could.


  1. Do you intend to add additional functionality to better manage delegations?

Right now we are working on a great update to Graphscan that will include new features:

  • Delegate and undelegate GRT (including vested ones),
  • Get a detailed statistics on delegator’s rewards with charts

Telegram bot that will be created in addition to will allow users to track any important event related to delegations.


  1. Could you explain the formulas that are behind the calculator?

Please, have a look here:


  1. How would you describe your long-term vision and plan for and within the network?

It is obvious that we have “skin in the game”, therefore we have a serious level of engagement with The Graph. We build and support related to The Graph products, we have written several guides and we usually help community members with their issues in our telegram group - and we are going to carry on like this in the future. We have got huge support from The Graph and its community and now it’s time to meet the expectations!


  1. Are you planning to continue iterating on your dashboard, perhaps adding new features, etc? If so, what would they be?

We have a lot of specific plans of improving In the near future you will see a good statistical tool with elaborate logic. Delegators will be able to easily find the most effective Indexers. Indexers will be able to track delegation dynamics and conversion of delegators as community feedback on their work (we are adding inflows and outflows of new delegators, sizes of their delegations and its date/time, etc). Curators will be able to track the profitability of their signals and total income.


  1. Hi Ryabina, I’d be interested in knowing what kind of technical setup and infrastructure you are using for your indexers. Are you an autodidact or do you have a background in this sector?

Our infrastructure runs on dedicated servers located in several European and American data centers. All services, including postgres databases and full Ethereum-nodes are duplicated and are in hot standby.
From the very beginning our team included professional builders, developers, devops engineers, so from the technical point of view it wasn’t difficult to enter this sector.


  1. Can you explain a bit of what your daily work as an indexer looks like?

Indexer’s work can be divided into several modules:

  • Maintenance and improvements of current infrastructure;
  • Monitoring, tests, updates;
  • Research, building of business logic and development of strategies;
  • Delegator support activities: technical support, question answers, learning, etc.
  • Additional products development: in our case they are and Telegram bot for the Graph network.


  1. I would like to know, what was his first experience with The Graph and what convinced him to try to do something like this ?

Working with a graph is fascinating. It consists of a large number of details that all add up to a large mechanism. And the most important thing ahead of us is the most interesting, when we see the new sub-graphs and tutoring.


  1. How did you find out the blockchain ecosystem?

Everyone on our team has his own story. But in general, if you look at those who came into the crypto community five or seven years ago, all the stories will be more or less the same.


  1. Besides Ethereum, which other blockchain(s) are you most interested in indexing?

We started our path with the Substrate projects and as validators of several awesome PoS networks we are looking to integration of Substrate-based projects!

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