About the Know your Indexer category

Welcome to this new segment entitled “Know your Indexer!” :wave:t2: :man_astronaut:t2: :woman_astronaut:t2:

In this segment you will be able to meet most of the indexers who run one or more nodes within the network corresponding to The Graph.

Objective :dart:

Our main target with this segment is that the community of indexers that you delegate, know and who interact with your delegated GRTs on a daily basis can introduce themselves to you and know their thoughts, goals and what you can expect from them.

Dynamic :memo:

Each month, we will select a group of Indexers with whom you will have the opportunity to interact and learn more about them as follows steps:

  1. It will be opened a post dedicated to each indexer
  2. In that same post you can publish as many questions as you want to ask your indexer
  3. The indexer will answer those interesting questions and you will see them in highlighted questions (second comment of each post)
  4. Finally, the indexer has the option to answer other questions from the same community

List of indexers who have participated