Know Your Indexer #9 | Chainode Tech

We are excited to introduce Chainode Tech’s team in this new segment called “ Know Your Indexer ” in this 9th edition.

They are always prepared in The Graph’s communities like Telegram and Discord to help the new delegators and answer any questions regarding the protocol.

Chainode Tech interview


  1. How did you get into Blockchain ? How long have you been running nodes or participating in the blockchain ecosystem?

Chainode Tech team: We joined the blockchain space in early 2014, as the idea of decentralization really appealed to us. We believe this was a pain point that many of us had, and with the rise of blockchain technology we finally had a solution and the hope that we can ultimately put the users again in the center by eliminating traditional structures that were inefficient and systems that were weighing down innovation with lack of transparency.

We initially joined the blockchain space simply as supporters and investors, but in early 2019 we decided to get involved even more in the space and we started to focus on providing staking, validator, development and consulting services for cutting edge Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) protocols.


  1. What was your first experience with The Graph and why did you choose to participate in The Graph ecosystem?

Chainode Tech team: Our first experience with The Graph was during the Mission Control Testnet and we immediately had in front of us a new spectrum of research work and new topics that excited us to dig deeper, learn more and stay involved. To this we would add that since The Graph solves a major problem of the decentralized space, thus having a great and relevant use case, it was clear for us that we want to join forces by bringing our experience and technical skills to the table and be part of this exciting journey.


  1. Did you participate in the Mission Control testnet?

Chainode Tech team: Yes, we joined the Mission Control Testnet since the very first day of Phase 0, event for which we also released a Medium post - as refresher: Chainode Tech joins The Graph as an Indexer, starting with Phase 0 of Mission Control | by Chainode Tech | Chainode Tech | Medium

We believe that the experience we gained from the Mission Control Testnet has really helped us to properly design our infrastructure architecture and develop our strategy for the Mainnet and upcoming Subgraphs migration to it.


  1. How many indexers do you currently have in mainnet?

Chainode Tech team: At the current state we run 1 Indexer: chainodetech.eth (0x3eb3297b0e34a7897aa004b66a354053425f7894). In addition, we also run multiple robust Ethereum Archive Nodes. By doing so we make sure that we don’t rely on third parties for correct indexing data, which is the whole point of The Graph Protocol.


  1. Are you currently participating in the current testnet?

Chainode Tech team: Yes, we actually invested a significant time and infrastructure resources in researching and testing an alternative for the Open Ethereum Client. The first tests were positive and we hope to soon officially announce the alternative for Open Ethereum Archive Node and invite other Indexers to test it.


  1. How do you stay connected with your delegator community?

Chainode Tech team: As we put a strong accent on communication, we have a dedicated Telegram Channel ( where all our delegators or users interested in staking can reach out to us, ask questions and discuss anything & everything about staking, validating, decentralization or any other relevant topic. We also love to get involved in the community’s discussions, and you will often see us in Discord or community led Telegram groups, chatting with the Graphtronauts.

In addition, for the latest news and updates about our Indexer, articles or educational content, we invite all the community members to follow us on Twitter:

Chainode Tech Twitter


  1. How many people from your team are participating in The Graph’s community?

Chainode Tech team: Depending on how much the time allows us, all our team members are active on different community channels like Telegram and Discord. Also, if a delegator wants to reach us, we constantly make sure that our contacts are shared in all relevant groups so that we can be easily found.


  1. What are you excited about the future of The Graph?

Chainode Tech team: What excites us about the future of The Graph is also what attracted us to it in the first place, which is its use case, only that this time expanded to a much wider variety of blockchain ecosystems. These, in combination with The Graph, will easily expose data in a decentralized fashion for developers and builders, and by doing so it will have a groundbreaking effect on worldwide adoption.


  1. Which blockchain networks are you excited to index for The Graph?

Chainode Tech team: Besides Ethereum, we are very excited about the whole Solana Ecosystem and we are looking forward to index data for it. A few others that we would like to mention here would be Avalanche, Cosmos Ecosystem and Harmony, but in general any project that supports decentralization, has a great use case and ethics is on the top of the list for us.


  1. Why should delegators choose you?

Chainode Tech team: There are a few main reasons why we believe delegators should consider our team as Indexer:

  • Technically skilled and dedicated team;
  • We have a great mix of tech and interpersonal skills and we put a high value on the communication with our delegators. That’s why delegators or potential delegators can always reach out to us and we will always do our best to answer their questions;
  • We have skin in the game by owning a relatively significant stake as a result of our good performance during the Mission Control Testnet, so it is also in our interest to continuously perform well;
  • We invested many resources from day 1 to build and manage a high quality infrastructure;
  • We have experience in supporting Web 3 projects and networks and we run completely our own infrastructure including Ethereum Archive nodes.


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Wallet address: 0x3eb3297b0e34a7897aa004b66a354053425f7894

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  • I have been delegating to the Chainode Team from the get go.

  • They’re honest, open and personal. They’re always happy to take time to ensure that any questions or queries that are put forward are answered. These aren’t just copy and paste replies, they care about each and every delegator that they have:

  • Well done team, looking forward to the Mainnet Migration with you.


Hey @CM-GRT,

Thank you so much for your positive feedback! As an Indexer and Validator that is strongly focused on the well-being of its community and delegators, it makes us really happy and motivated to push forward when we hear this type of feedback. :slight_smile:

Stay Safe and Happy Staking!


I am also delegating to Chainode and echo @CM-GRT strong words of support. The Chainode team is highly dedicated to their delegators and is always accessible. They take the time to provide deep explanations on various topics in an educational way. Even if you are not a delegator today, I highly recommend joining their telegram chat to get deeper insights on various subjects.

One of the areas I am most impressed with is their commitment and investment into top grade infrastructure in an effort to maximize their indexer performance for delegators once subgraphs are moved to mainnet. @Ilinca.ChainodeTech can you share some of that information and why it is important to delegators?

Thank you!


Hi @ZorroZ01 and thank you very much for your words, we really appreciate it! :raised_hands:

Indeed, we love having in depth conversations on our Telegram Channel with our delegators or users interested in topics like decentralization, staking, etc. as we believe that this is a reflection of a healthy community and staking crew. Understanding each other’s role in this ecosystem is really important and we believe stakers have a far more important role than they realize yet, as decentralization and spreading their stake to quality Indexers/Validators is in their own hands and has a direct impact on a network.

Regarding your question, please find our answer below:

  1. We believe that it is important to run your own infrastructure so that you don’t rely on and trust a third party to guarantee that the data you index is correct. When you control the complete infrastructure, including the Ethereum archive nodes, you have the full transparency of what is happening and you don’t need to have a component that is more or less similar to a black box that you need to blindly trust;

  2. Latency, disks, network speed, all these have an impact on the performance of the Indexer and these are parameters an Indexer can control and optimize by investing in a premium infrastructure;

  3. Backups are also relevant in order to make sure that you do not have unwanted interruptions in the Indexer service; This is especially important for the Ethereum archive nodes as syncing a new one from scratch will literally take months.

All these factors are very relevant when selecting an Indexer so we recommend all delegators to always first get in touch with the Indexer, get to know the team, their infrastructure, motivation as well as their long term plans.