Looking Back on 2022 and Looking Forward to 2023

As 2023 approaches, I am humbled and in awe by what The Graph community has accomplished over the last year.

In December of 2022:

  • Fewer than 5 projects used The Graph Network. Now over 120 active network subgraph data consumers with 600+ subgraphs already published, and many of those gearing up for active use in production
  • Daily GRT query fees were 100 GRT. Now it’s consistently over 10K every day
  • Network QoS vs the hosted service was not great. Now The Graph Network performs better across all metrics!

Looking forward to 2023:

  • There are over 1 BILLION queries on the hosted service. And The Graph Network is eyeing those queries hungrily
  • Gnosis Chain and Polygon are joining alongside Ethereum in network availability. 39 chains are on the hosted service. Guess what happens next…
  • There are still some points of UX friction on the network. Just wait to see what innovative solutions are in store

The Graph Network has proven that decentralized tech is better and more effective than centralized predecessors and The Graph ecosystem is ready to crush 2022’s progress. I’ve never been more excited professionally in my life. And I feel things are just getting started.

Cheers to an amazing 2023 with some of the most professional, intelligent, driven, values oriented, and down to earth people within The Graph community. It’s going to be a year for the record books.


I believe the success of any project relies on the community that is able to build.
What The Graph has proven, and even in this brutal crypto winter, is that the community is getting stronger month after month. In our Graphtronauts community we witness more and more people starting the web3 journey with more knowledge and acknowledgment in what The Graph is building. We see less and and less price talks, and more and more curiosity and willingness to learn about The Graph’s vision for web3. This is the biggest takeaway for me for 2022, a challenging year, but extremely rewarding for the builders!

Happy 2023 to everyone.