Messari May 2024 Update

:woman_astronaut: Summary

The Messari team has made significant progress on two main fronts since our last update in April. Firstly, we dedicated our efforts to advancing the data share service, which involved tasks such as design, scoping, data diligence, and engaging in discussions to validate our assumptions. Secondly, we concentrated on strategizing the development of subgraphs for the remainder of the year, with a specific focus on enhancing coverage for staking protocols.

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

Data Share Service Theme -

  • Data Diligence and Review: Successfully completed the data diligence and review process for Firehose-generated schematized raw on-chain data. The feedback was generally positive, with minor issues identified in content and file structure, as well as some discrepancies in quantitative metrics.
  • User Persona Evaluation: Collaborated with Tim to thoroughly evaluate and review user personas, ensuring the Data Share Service effectively addresses all potential use cases.
  • Use Case Evaluation for Dune Spellbook: Achieved a complete evaluation for integrating Dune Spellbook content using 100% of The Graph technology. Plans are set to showcase this integration at the upcoming offsite.
  • Addressing Subgraphs/Substreams Data Concerns: Completed evaluations for use cases aimed at resolving existing issues with data joins and advanced aggregation scenarios in Subgraphs/Substreams. These solutions will be presented at the offsite.
  • Offsite Preparation: Finalized all necessary preparations for the offsite, including documentation and the creation of presentation slide decks.

Subgraphs Theme -

  • Subgraphs Development Planning for the Year: We are on track with the planning for this year’s subgraphs development, focusing primarily on completing coverage for various staking protocols, starting with Aave forks, Compound forks, Mantle, Ether Fi, Puffer Finance, and Morpho Aave V3.
  • Project Sunrise: Completed all internal tasks related to Project Sunrise, transitioning all Messari internal endpoints to decentralized network. This included finalizing budget planning and approvals, along with all GRT-related items.
  • Subgraphs Maintenance: Nearing completion of the current round of Subgraphs maintenance, which aims to significantly reduce the ongoing time and effort required for these Subgraphs.
  • Metrics Methodology Review: We are wrapping up a review of the metrics methodology for subgraphs to ensure consistency across all computed metrics within the same protocol type. This review also addressed challenges in standardizing fees and revenue calculations, and identified a few discrepancies with DefiLlama data.

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • New Subgraph Development: Initiating a new round of Subgraph development, focusing on Aave forks, Compound forks, Mantle, Ether Fi, Puffer Finance, and Morpho Aave V3.
  • Subgraphs Maintenance: Completing the current maintenance cycle for Subgraphs.
  • Offsite Event