Messari April 2024 Update

:woman_astronaut: Summary

Data Share Service Theme -

The Messari team is dedicatedly crafting and advancing the Data Share Service project, focusing on developing a cutting-edge platform that provides enterprise-grade on-chain data. This initiative is aimed at enhancing data-driven decisions in the cryptocurrency space for institutional and advanced retail users.

Our goal is to create a comprehensive platform that addresses all data requirements necessary for assessing the fundamentals of a crypto project. This analytical objective is critical not only for consumers like Messari but for anyone seeking to make well-informed decisions in the crypto market.

We are collaborating closely with engineers from Pinax to integrate Firehose as a reusable and modular component within the new Data Share Service, providing baseline raw on-chain data. Additionally, we are working with the team at Edge&Node to determine on using Data Fusion as the possible optimal data computation solutions that will support our needs for data decoding and model transformation.

Subgraphs Theme -

After developing nearly 100 protocols comprising over 230 subgraphs, we initiated our first extensive subgraph maintenance cycle. The product and engineering teams at Messari conducted thorough reviews of all completed subgraph projects, identifying a prioritized list of maintenance tasks to be undertaken. As part of this process, we evaluated our support structure and have now appointed a dedicated product manager to monitor, communicate, and prioritize requests from the community.

As we tackle these high-priority maintenance tasks, we are also in the process of establishing the next set of priorities for subgraph development.

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

Data Share Service Theme -

  • Completed the SQL exploration work for Substreams, including benchmarking and evaluating ClickHouse and Substreams-Sink.
  • Published Product Requirements & User Stories for the Data Share Service
  • Finalized the initial design of the Data Share Service and its fully decentralized revisions.
  • Developed a schematized model for raw on-chain data, facilitating the next steps of the Firehose sink project with the Pinax team.
  • Completed the draft copy of the Data Share Service MVP scoping document.
  • Planned the end-of-May offsite, focusing on the Data Share Service.

Subgraphs Theme -

  • Successfully migrated all signals from Ethereum to Arbitrum.
  • Completed all required deployments on decentralized networks.
  • Prioritized and completed all high-priority tasks in the subgraph maintenance cycle.
  • Implemented performance improvements and schema standardization for DEX and lending protocols.
  • Tested new graph node features for timeseries and aggregation.
  • Addressed high-priority subgraph maintenance tasks.

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • Continue to advance the Data Share Service project, including the scoping and design of the MVP, evaluation of compute engines, and offsite planning.
  • Finish the next set of priority tasks for subgraph maintenance.
  • Finalize the subgraphs roadmap for the upcoming quarters.

Other notes