Million RPC API calls on self-hosted graph node every day

I am currently self-hosting a graph-node Docker instance on my server and utilizing Infura as my RPC host to listen to my smart contract events on the Polygon Mainnet.

The Infura report highlighted that my node made approximately 3 million API calls within the last 24 hours, primarily eth_getTransactionReceipt calls. This raised concerns as my smart contract is only triggered around 10 times daily. Such a high volume of API calls appears excessive and prompts me to question if there are misconfigurations in place.

I would appreciate any insights or guidance on this matter, as the current API usage seems disproportionate to the expected contract interactions.


You likely don’t want to self host graph-node without having your own archive node.

I would strongly consider utilizing the decentralized network where indexers are already running this infra. Decentralized network queries are far more cost effective than running your own archive node.