Mind Heart Soul presentation & updates

Mind Heart Soul runs on a few chains, we’re also dedicated to indexing on The Graph. We joined the Mission Control indexing & curation testnets. We contributed a lot and were among top performers. Mind Heart Soul is the author of baremetal install scripts (for testnet), which has helped a lot of people. We also worked with TurboGeth on compatibility, which went from none to decent.

Mind Heart Soul indexers are prioritising longterm and stable operations. We’re constantly readying ourselves ahead, in infrastructure and in budgeting. We pride ourselves in setting realistic sustainable expectations and on delivering on our promises. Mind Heart Soul will also continue to help out in the community where possible.

mind-heart-soul.eth is the ENS with which you can find us :


Mind Heart Soul parameters update :

0x4437e367cc68d87675148a9e4a1f052f0359c880 (query fees focused)
70% cut (both) → 18% APY
This indexer has a low delegation amount.

0x427f071e335bfa32241bbfa7f240f24a8a46f292 (indexing rewards focused)
30% cut (90% query fees) → 72% APY
This indexer is very much underdelegated.

Both were started with a 61 day cooldown, to gather significantly more delegations, while you’re guaranteed rewards for 2 months on this cut. We believe this a balanced and sustainable way to start this next chapter.


Mind Heart Soul indexers (both), as promised updated allocations, which triggered rewards distribution. This has cost just under 100 USD in ETH gas, EACH.

Going forward, we’ll be more moderate in doing this, a balance between more time and more allocated stake. This is important for sustainable operations. At the end of the month, you’ll still have great rewards.

Updated stats :

https://network.thegraph.com/profile?id=0x4437e367cc68d87675148a9e4a1f052f0359c880&view=Indexing (query fees focused)
70% cut (both) → 13.6% APY
This indexer is underdelegated

https://network.thegraph.com/profile?id=0x427f071e335bfa32241bbfa7f240f24a8a46f292&view=Indexing (indexing rewards focused)
30% cut (90% query fees) → 19.4% APY
This indexer has low delegation amount


Mind-Heart-Soul.eth 2 has just updated rewards (costing 114 USD in gas). We will wait for automatic close, unless there’s significant amount unallocatated and we’ve now quantified that !! :partying_face:

https://network.thegraph.com/profile?id=0x4437e367cc68d87675148a9e4a1f052f0359c880&view=Indexing (our power house indexer with longterm orientation, query fees focused) with 70% cut (both)
10% unallocated while less than 80 gwei = manual update
20% unallocated while less than 160 gwei = manual update

https://network.thegraph.com/profile?id=0x427f071e335bfa32241bbfa7f240f24a8a46f292&view=Indexing (our answer to the call for more shortterm returns, indexing rewards focused) with 30% cut (90% query fees)
20% unallocated while less than 80 gwei = manual update
40% unallocated while less than 160 gwei = manual update

Who helps champion us into an early reward distribution ? :muscle:

Gwei values are from standard fee and checked manually, feel free to ping if we’re missing a window. Values can be interpreted in favour of updating and distributing earlier.


Mind Heart Soul 1 (0x4437) is proud to say rewards have been distributed and we’ve NOT liquidated our own rewards. We’re hoping this will increase delegator confidence in our operations and greater-good orientation. :pray: We hope to welcome new delegations so we can lock in higher allocations and distribute more GRT in the coming months to come.

We continue the same principle of closing each 28 days, unless we reach those same unallocated stake principle.

Mind Heart Soul has been running dedicated indexer infrastructure in combination with BSC archive nodes. These are used in production for a while now, with live consumer traffic, to power the info section of an LP project. Below is the 2 week “queries per second (QPS)’” chart of the traffic we’re handling. In the last 24h we got an average of 185 QPS (peak at 383 QPS), which is just under 16 million queries in a day.

This is what can be achieved with The Graph’s stack. :muscle:

Mind Heart Soul is announcing new operational principles for % cuts. We do keep compounding our own rewards into the protocol, the idea is to maximise delegation capacity by the time of the big unlock.

MHS1 will LOWER both indexing rewards cut and query fee cut from the current 70% to 65% when total delegations reach x2 own stake and to 60% when total delegations reach x4 own stake. (E.g. there’s currently approx 3.69M GRT in own stake, so at 7.38M GRT total delegations you’ll see 65% cuts.)

MHS2 our goal remains to offer a short term, indexing rewards oriented (rather than all the query infra) option. Unfortunately the delegation ratio target hasn’t been reached and (network-wide) there’s been significant undelegations. Since it’s inception this indexer always sponsored its delegators, which is off course not sustainable and in particular not with increased costs of mainnet migrations.
We will set an effective commission in the range of 5-10% on the indexing rewards (and keep query cut high to clearly signal to not expect much here).

On both indexers, as far as humanly possible, we’ll evaluate these targets and if necessary update cuts shortly BEFORE closing an allocation. We believe this approach will as much as possible be at the advantage of our delegators. When allocation renewal is done, we’ll leave the cuts as is, until the next closing is immanent, we hope this will be as representative as possible and at least minimises the amount of gas required.