Know Your Indexer #5 | Mind Heart Soul

In this opportunity, we introduce you on the stage of “Know Your Indexer!” the Mind Heart Soul team who have actively collaborated with us and giving support to the community of astronauts.

We invite you to participate in this open “Know Your Indexer!” segment #5. Ask as many questions as you like to find out who Mind Heart Soul is and why they decided to work in The Graph Network.

If you want to participate, follow the next steps:

1. Ask your questions in this post by leaving a comment
2. The second comment will be updated with the “Highlighted Questions” (below this introduction)
3. You can review the other comments and see the answers directly from the Indexer
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Address: 0x4437e367cc68d87675148a9e4a1f052f0359c880

Don’t forget to follow the Mind Heart Soul team on their Twitter (@MindHeartSoul4).


Highlighted Questions, to edit

Hey all, looking forward to reading and answering your questions.

To reassure you all, if you go to the network dApp, under ENS mind-heart-soul.eth you’ll find TWO indexers and both are ours. (our power house indexer with longterm orientation, query fees focused) with 70% cut (both)

Current effective commission : 47,5% (our answer to the call for more shortterm returns, indexing rewards focused) with 30% cut (90% query fees)

Current effective commission : -0,01%


How long have you been in the crypto scene?

What’s your technical background?

What are your favorite things to do outside of development? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Where is the name mind-heart-soul coming from? I always wondered, but never asked :grimacing:


Highlited Questions


1- What are your favorite things to do outside of development?

Koen: Distance-running, i’ve ran a half-marathon on two occasions, this is something i’m hoping to build up again. I also tinker using a soldering iron.


2- Where is the name mind-heart-soul coming from?

Koen: The tagline for Mind Heart Soul is “We think. We feel. We care.”
Both are to highlight that people are multi-facetted and that it’s wholesome to use / foster the combination. Besides all my technical work, i have a long history as event coordinator and trainer / facilitator, a lot of that has a well-being perspective. Any project is built by and on people, success will come easier and better when accounting for this human aspect.


3- If you have the opportunity between working on another platform or the graph. Which one would you choose and why?

Koen: I submitted grant applications for The Graph, so pretty clear i’d love to be working on the ecosystem quite a bit more, for quite a long time. I see a lot of potential in it and a lot of work to be done, it’s quite exciting to be in such early on and to actively contribute making it thrive. The Graph, by its nature, will also cross roads with many other projects and expand horizons.

I am active in some role or another in a few other crypto projects as well.


4- What is your main focus about participating in the network?

Koen: My main focus is infrastructure, in combination with tooling. During the Mission Control testnet i started early on working on installation scripts, for the different components that make up The Graph stack. In a next phase i started working on getting Turbogeth (a much less resource-intensive ETH archive client) compatible with The Graph.

After mainnet was running stable, i started working on ETH node stability and making sure i was prepared in-house for (manual) disaster recovery. I meanwhile rent out access to this key piece of infrastructure to fellow indexers.

I’ve also setup a customised indexer on BSC chain and finished this about 2 days before hosted service announced their support. My customised setup is currently powering the info section of a BSC-based LP project.


5- What was his first experience with The Graph and what convinced him to try to do something like this ?

Koen: I joined The Graph community shortly before Mission Control blasted off. I’ve done some incentivised testnets and tech bounties before, some interesting ones and some that left me wandering for other horizons. I love participating in these for a combination of reasons.


Besides Ethereum, what other blockchains are you most interested in indexing?

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I’m currently operating a BSC based indexer, that is serving queries to a token / pairs public dashboard. We’re seeing 100-150 QPS. One of the challenges with BSC is the significantly faster blocktimes.

I’d also love to see Elrond support in graph-node, which would bring sharding and WASM support.