Newbie here - hello - more info

hey guys, i am a proud token holder. tho like most, should have loaded up on more before this giant push upwards. I’d love to get more info or feedback on how I could get more involved with the project/or become a degelaor or how any of that all works.


Hello! We are new to this community, too. We’re working to create resources for the Delegator Community. We’d be happy to help you, if you have questions. We publish a lot on Twitter, too - @GRT_IQ.

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I can confirm that you are very active and useful on twitter. :+1:

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We’re just getting started :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community Bobby, it’s great to have you.

A great place to get started and to learn more about The Graph is that the official blog The Graph Blog where many of the concepts behind the network and the protocol are explained.

For an introduction on becoming a delegator, have a look at the the documentation that can be found over here Graph Docs.

Here are even more resources for you to get started:

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