Odyssey <> The Graph

We’re creating quality web3 education to onboard the next 1 million people to web3. Check out our learning paths and articles: https://www.odysseydao.com/


Since our launch in December 2021, we have:

  1. Won Product Hunt’s Best Education Product of 2021 award
  2. Launched free Intro to Web3, NFT, DeFi, and DAO learning paths, localized to 10 languages
  3. Launched people of web3 and web3 company profiles
  4. Landed top web3 partners
  5. Hosted community events such as build a web3 career, no-code NFT drops, and future of wallets


Odyssey’s core team includes:

  1. Peter Yang, Content Lead. Product Lead @ Reddit, Ex-Twitch, Meta.
  2. Mark Tan, Community Lead. On Deck, Ex-Amazon.
  3. Louie Sakoda, Product Lead
  4. Wenda Lewis, Product Lead

Plus 20+ amazing core contributors in our DAO who are working on writing learning guides, growing the community, and localizing our content.

Grant Deliverables

  1. Create a content guide that will be published on our site and for public goods
  2. Create a dedicated page for The Graph, a placement on the landing page, and web3 companies
  3. Add The Graph profile under people of web3
  4. After we publish the page, we will create a thread on social and email our newsletter subscribers (12k+)
  5. The Graph has the option to do an event or community workshop.


We’ll use the funds to pay our contributors who are:

  1. Expanding our written 100% free web3 learning guides
  2. Building an on-demand web3 course
  3. Building a learn to earn quest with NFT rewards
  4. Building our inaugural cohort-based bootcamp
  5. Building our talent collective and job boards

We look forward to hearing from the group and happy to align with The Graph’s goals.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for sharing your application here!

We have made attempts to email Wenda with no luck from the first application OdysseyDAO submitted. We have also emailed you within the last 24 hrs. Are you receiving them?

Please do check your emails!


Yes! Apologies for the delay. Wenda’s been out but will loop her in. Do you prefer to continue over email or should I post here? Appreciate the follow-up.

Via email please! :slight_smile:

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