The Graph's Community Talk #11

The Graph’s Community talk #11 took place on Tuesday, May 17th @8AM PST. All the latest updates from The Graph ecosystem and protocol were shared.

We are covering a wide range of subjects from all corners of our network and are providing you with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings at The Graph. The meeting was held in the Graph Stage channel of the Discord Server . Tip: go to the Events channel at the top of the Discord server and set yourself a reminder for The Graph’s Community Talk.

This month’s discussion topics include:

  • A Change Is Here (Graph AdvocatesDAO Hosts Community Talks)
  • EthAmsterdam & DevConnect
  • OdysseyDAO
  • Graph Day & Graph Hack
  • Graph Advocates and Graph Advocates DAO
  • Community Grants
    • Qualifyied as Community Grants
    • Not Community Grants
  • The Graph Academy Subgraph Development Course
  • SoulBound Labs (Reputation Subgraphs)
  • From web2 to web3 with Nader Dabit

The Graph Community Talk is geared towards a broad audience regardless of background, whether technical or non-technical. We are looking for active participation from the community and are looking forward to your engagement!

You can find this and all other community events on the ecosystem calendar here, and feel free to subscribe to the calendar to stay up-to-date on future events.

Summary (IT’S PACKED)

In Community Talk #11 we highlight OdysseyDAO and their quest to educate the web3 community about The Graph, review the community grants process, review The Graph Academy, learn about on-chain reputation with SoulBound Labs, and much more!

Topics Include:

  • A Change Is Here (Graph AdvocatesDAO Hosts Community Talks)
  • EthAmsterdam & DevConnect
  • OdysseyDAO
  • Graph Day & Graph Hack
  • Graph Advocates and Graph Advocates DAO
  • Community Grants
    • Qualifyied as Community Grants
    • Not Community Grants
  • The Graph Academy Subgraph Development Course
  • SoulBound Labs (Reputation Subgraphs)
  • From web2 to web3 with Nader Dabit

Detailed notes regarding each topic with timestamps can be found below.

A Change Is Here (00:10)

GraphAdvocatesDAO is now hosting monthly community talks. In the past, the community talk was hosted by The Graph Foundation. Many new voices from the community will be heard with the change!

EthAmsterdam & DevConnect (00:59)

The Graph was represented at EthAmsterdam by SemioticAI, who hosted a workshop on incentive mechanism validation, and Edge & Node, who co-hosted a workshop on building web3 infrastructure. Simon Schmid of Edge & Node also held a panel on tools and infrastructure of web3 and held a workshop called putting the “D” in DeFi.

The Graph was an event partner with EthAmsterdam, offering up prizes for building and utilizing existing subgraphs. Web3 Hunt was one of the winners, who utilized DataEdge – an inclusion from one of the latest GIPs – to take a win.

OdysseyDAO (4:13)

OdysseyDao is oriented towards web3 and crypto education. It was founded in late 2021 and has already accrued over 12,000 followers. What makes odyssey different is that they utilize concise learning paths to educate their community. Their goal is to onboard 1 million new members to web3!

Odyssey recently submitted a grant proposal to build learning paths on how The Graph works. Odyssey is also looking for members who are looking to host workshops relating to The Graph; a great opportunity for technical teachers!

Graph Day & Graph Hack (7:54)

Graph Day and Graph Hack is under a month away! Wave 2 tickets are still on sale! Experience panels and talks from prominent web3 community members, food, drinks, an intersetellar after party with a live DJ, and Exclusive Graph Day swag and merch. Graph Hack, a three-day hackathon will take place immediately after Graph Day as the web3 community unites and builds web3 together competing for over $400,000 in prizes.

Check out the latest episode of GRTiQ to get an overview with Tegan Klein of Edge & Node:

Don’t know how you’re going to make it? Apply for a scholarship!

Graph Advocates Program and Graph AdvocatesDAO Updates (9:36)

There have been over 1,500 applications to the Graph Advocates program with over 400 interviews conducted with applicants. There are approximately 82 current members of Graph AdvocatesDAO, with 35 new members joining! Applications to the advocate program have come from all around the world!

Community Grants (11:55)

Community Grant oversight has now been passed to Graph AdvocatesDAO for true community oversight! Sometimes, applicants are unsure if their grant falls under the community grant oversight. Community Grants are grants that build or reinforce The Graph and web3 community. Here are some examples of grants, whether they fall under the community grants category.

Qualified as Community Grants

Guides, Tutorials, or Educational Content
Graph Communities (Localized or Regional)
Educational Programs
Community Tooling, Delegator Tools, and Notification Boards
Branding & Swag

Not Community Grants

Development related grants
Subgraph Development
Protocol Support or Upgrades
Defi Applications

Apply for a grant here!

The Graph Academy Subgraph Development Course (15:11)

Ahmad Mardeni, contractor with The Graph Foundation, freelance subgraph developer and curator, shared his course on subgraph development at the community talk. The number of freelance subgraph developers is not enough to keep up with the expansion of The Graph. The course is a great way to learn about The Graph and possibly put your skills to work!

Look below at this short clip of Mardeni sharing his knowledge about subgraphs!

The Graph Academy is your go to place to learn everything about The Graph! Whether you’re a developer, non-technical observer, or want to participate in the network as a delegator, curator or indexer, The Graph Academy has you covered.

Questions for subgraph development reach out to Ahmad at @Mardeni01 on Twitter or Ahmad Mardeni#0001 on Discord!

Soulbound Labs (24:27)

"A few years ago we saw Vitalik ringing the bell that DAO governance in it’s current form is broken. You see nonstop governance take over attacks, you see widespread voter apathy. Fundamentally in “cryptoland” everything is sellable; everything is tradable. So your voter base by default, they’re not necessarily aligned with the values of the community, DAO or protocol.” – Jordan | SoulBound Labs

Soulbound Labs aims to remedy this issue through a standardized subgraph format they call a “Reputation Subgraph”. The subgraph format is designed to analyze the smart contracts of any DAO, protocol or web3 community to capture and recognize it’s on chain contributors. In the case of The Graph, this would mean recognizing the Delegators, Curators, Indexers and Subgraph Developers. Soulbound Labs has a Graph QL API that can output your reputation. Give it an address, and it will tell you how much of an on chain contributor the address has been.

Going even further, Soulbound Labs are developing a tool called the subgraph bridge, that compresses a subgraph entity into a Merkel root which can be bridged on chain by any Indexer. Then, an Indexer can attest that the compressed data is accurate, the data will be uploaded on chain, where the information can be disputed. If the data isn’t disputed, then reputation data is now on chain. This opens some cool opportunities:

  • Indexers can seek delegators and vice versa through reputation data sharing
  • Emblem allows protocol participants to have an on-chain resume.

Protocol➡Smart Contract➡Events➡Badges

From web2 to web3 with Nader Dabit (38:16)

Nader Dabit, Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node, shares his journey from web2 to web3, and answers questions from the community! Take a listen below:

As a person that has no technical background, what is the best place for me to start learning about web3 development?

Stay Tuned!

Don’t forget about Graph Day on June 2nd! Tickets are now $100!

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