Post-Devcon Learnings + Getting the Community More Involved!

Hi Everyone,

If you hadn’t heard, The Graph Ecosystem had an incredible week at Devcon. Here are some points it’d be great to highlight and hopefully enlist the community to continue pushing forward decentralized network adoption at lightning speed:


  • We pushed forward network adoption with many projects working on migrating to the network, including live migrations for Unlock Protocol and Niftyswap! Find us and our ~ Migration Station ~ at major Ethereum events!
  • Projects across multiple chains are excited to use The Graph beyond Ethereum as soon as possible. We are working with multiple teams to get the migration grant admin process out of the way before chains move to the network to unblock folks ahead of time
  • Never miss a chance to gather content with Graphers. If you meet a community member, a user of The Graph, or even an enthusiast, please take pictures, post it on socials, tag the projects/events/etc. and tag @graphprotocol as well.
    * This shows how large and strong this community truly is to the world, something undeniably contagious. Plus, we want to make sure all of you are highlighted on socials as well. We can all champion The Graph.
  • Developers LOVE The Graph. Many people we met sought us out because we were wearing Graph swag, just to say hello and introduce themselves. Thanks for always sporting your Graph gear and showing how proud we all are of this technology and what it powers in web3 (which is most projects across Defi/NFTs/Bridges/Wallets/Data Analytics and so much more!).
  • We had meetings with teams that don’t yet use The Graph natively but could leverage Messari subgraphs (i.e. MakerDAO and Abracadabra) or utilize substreams/firehose that led to migration commitments!
    * Bringing up Messari’s ability to spare teams’ scarce dev resources by leveraging their published/curated subgraphs, or simply their schemas as base templates, was a huge selling point, even more so because both enable access to some amazing free dashboards via Messari’s Protocol Metrics and Data Apps. Let’s continue to highlight these benefits.
  • We also met with several Indexers and Ethereum infrastructure providers to better understand the landscape of node operations and how to best support network participants!


  • Engaging all of you, the amazing community, more in every aspect of what we all do
  • Subtracting the core dev teams and empowering all of you to be integral parts of increasing the speed of global adoption of The Graph


  • What ideas do you have to address the “ways to improve” list above?
    • What resources do you need to spread the word about this tech/community/etc.?
    • What ideas do you have to make sure anyone and everyone uses The Graph, with or without core dev interaction?
  • The Core Devs are only one part of the push forward here. We’d like all of you to get more involved. We welcome all ideas and will do anything in our power to make sure you get what you need to make your ideas happen!
  • Messari can always add additional features for subgraph developers, if there is a team in need, send them Messari’s way (or just loop me in if you don’t have a contact)
  • If projects are on Ethereum but still on the hosted service, suggest that they migrate to the network - we can help to get them a migration grant and prioritized marketing for doing so

For now, thanks for all you do. The Graph is essential infrastructure for web3. Let’s work together so that everyone gets equal access to data and information on the web and to remove siloed gatekeepers around data and information online. It’s such an important mission. Web3 is about giving the power and ownership back to the users and The Graph is fully committed to making that mission a reality.