Proposal - Support Mobile Responsive Delegating

The Problem:

Performing a delegation from a mobile, tablet or anything other than a desktop computer is currently impossible. The entire delegation procedure is not mobile responsive, which is an issue being raised more frequently in the Graph community at-large, especially within the Graphtronaut community.

Many members of the Graph community who do not own a desktop computer would like to delegate but are locked out due to the lack of a mobile friendly UI. This harms their ability to earn rewards on their GRT and handcuffs the network because their GRT can’t be put to work. This means a significant amount of GRT that should be used to secure the network is sitting on the sidelines.

“To ensure economic security of The Graph Network and the integrity of data being queried, participants stake and use Graph Tokens (GRT). GRT is a work token that is an ERC-20 on the Ethereum blockchain, used to allocate resources in the network.” - The Graph Network

A recent Graphtronauts poll suggested that 75% of participants believed that mobile delegation was necessary. This suggests that such an addition would make a significant impact in the community of holders looking to delegate.

The Solution:

Create a UI enabling mobile delegation, ensuring all GRT holders can put their tokens to work and provide the network with more economic security.


We believe a mobile friendly UI would not only provide a portal for under-served delegators, but would also provide more flexibility to current GRT delegators.


Even though I have a computer that I can use to operate on the network, I’d very much appreciate a mobile tool that I can have in my pocket.

It would be amazing to have an app for all the operations and occasional checks regarding the network. Thank you for bringing this up.


In modern times it’s vital for all techs & services to be integrated in gadgets like smartphones & tablets, this I believe delegating must be possible via such hardware.


There is a significant portion of global society that only accesses the web through their mobile devices. There are multiple factors that contribute to this scenario, but if we are truly looking to decentralize the web we need to find a way to onboard those without standalone computer systems.


This would be a fantastic addition. I manage every other part of my delegation and research on my mobile, Coinbase pro app, telegram, wallet app, graphtronaughts etc etc actual delegation’s the only thing I have to use the computer for.

Being able to just pick up my phone and go end to end would be great and I think as so many people are mobile only it is as necessity not a luxury.


Responsive pages and sites should be considered as standard. Any normal website that doesn’t have responsive or mobile friendly interface usually loses my business unless I absolutely must have whatever they provide.

Delegating with a desktop is a hurdle that I think prevents many people from being able to take part in the graph. I for one very rarely use my desktop so would be great to see the graph support mobile for all delegation activities.


A much needed update, indeed. For some it is just a convenience, but for others it really is a necessity.

No matter the case, being mobile friendly can only help in the long run. Hope this can be accomplished soon. Great idea from The Graph fam.


Having flexibility of platform is a must! Most people nowadays use phones for everything vs a desktop. If one could (un)delegate, manage, and monitor Graph info, that would be in the right step for the project as a whole!


Global mega trends in mobile vs. desktop usage underscore the opinions many have expressed in this thread. There are a number of sites tracking these numbers. They all differ somewhat, but all of them show that today mobile usage has overtaken desktop usage globally and the trend towards mobile usage continues to grow. Below is the data from Perficient on this subject (Mobile vs. Desktop Usage in 2020 / Perficient, Inc.)

Mobile Usage 2020

I am also thinking of protocols like CELO who have made it their mission to make cryptocurrencies accessible on mobile phones to bring financial inclusion to some 1.7bn people of the world’s population that are underbanked (An introductory guide to Celo. Currently, the world’s financial system… | by vanessa slavich | The Celo Blog | Medium)

I support this proposal as it expands access to the full delegation use case of GRT to more people and enables them to join the Graph network.


It is a good proposal to help the process. But I wish to know if there is any technical inconvenient to have a UI to mobile delegation. Of could be for security?


Yes! I have been a fan of The Graph for a while now, but haven’t felt like I can contribute anything to the project without a computer. Being able to delegate from my phone is something I’ve asked in tweets occasionally, and I love to hear that there’s a possibility we’re moving in that direction!


It’s important especially for the convenience of delegating while on the go or when it is inconvenient to access a laptop.


Couldn’t agree more with the sentiment here.

Working in the market research space I understand the necessity of the need for mobile optimisation across different platforms/sites.

With the graph protocol looking to be truly decentralised a key component in ensuring this is being inclusive, to reach as many people as possible.

Therefore, to be able to have a delegation process which is mobile friendly is crucial in the journey of ensuring true decentralisation.

Great post.


The mobile web changed the way we all interacted with the web, the stats for El Salvador, were something like 89% of people access the web via smartphone. For a large percentage of the world’s population, computer access is not an option.

I am also more inclined to do something when it requires less effort, ie setting up metamask on my pc.

Great proposal @CM-Graphtronauts


All for delegating on mobile… but is it just me or all these new account posts suspicious? They all read to me like the marketing department of a mobile app maker extolling “the urgent need for first-class mobile support for businesses in the modern world”.

That aside, there are some challenges to supporting mobile given the current state of the ecosystem. For example, signing any transaction using a Trezor hardware wallet is not supported on iOS (as of the date of this post).

It would be good to understand the scope of the change that could help the most people. That might include a survey of how people expect to use the feature.

Eg: Do you plan to delegate using a hardware wallet? Which one? Which browser/app and device? Or on an exchange? What exchange? Is it a matter of that exchange adding the support to their website? Are you using your phone as a wallet? Did you try using WalletConnect? (I haven’t tried… but a cursory glance at the website makes it seem that at least on some mobile platforms you might be able to use it). Some of these use-cases come with security and ideological tradeoffs.

More information about what you tried, and what you would like the experience to be is welcome.


The lack of mobile delegation has been an ongoing concern within the Graphtronauts community, and I recognize several of the names from there.
We’re aware that this is a technically complex issue, but compared to the technical wizardry that is the Graph I hardly think it’s impossible.

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In addition to the Solution (i.e. Requirement) posted in the original Forum post by @CM-Graphtronauts, there have been a few more requirements suggested (i.e. occasional checks re: network, manage/monitor Graph into) in subsequent responses.

Also, thanks to @That3Percent we have a better understanding of additional requirements that need to be formulated to enable the scope of this upgrade to be better understood and more accurately estimated later on:

I recommend for discussions to move along with providing feedback on @That3Percent’s questions and @CM-Graphtronauts can update the Solution (Requirement) section in the main post with more scope details as we go along.

Hi, thanks for your reply in regards to this proposal.

I don’t feel that because someone or a wider community as a whole want to be involved in the development of a project then that’s suspicious activity, I’d like to think we’re very much on the same team here.

Instead of thinking people have ulterior motives I feel instead, you should be proud and somewhat privileged that the community as a whole want to help develop and introduce new measures and gateways into the Network instead of doubting the authenticity of such proposals.

They’re suspicious because they all feel the need or would benefit from something that is currently not possible? I don’t feel that it’s a ludicrous proposal, but merely an idea about how delegating can become available to more of the community than it is now. Which in turn would benefit the network as a whole.

I feel a valid problem was posed and has since been raised in the correct manner, albeit without the technical solution.

I do appreciate the reply, especially with the insight about the current challenges faced on mobile devices. I’m afraid the idea is there, but the solution not so much. At least, not from my end. Maybe the more technically gifted can weigh in and move the conversation forward in a more appropriate manner.


I use Metamask on my phone and would like to delegate through the Chrome/Brave browser.

I can connect my Metamask to, but there is no option to delegate on my mobile browser


I think there has been some misunderstanding about my comment about the posts from new accounts being “suspicious”. I want to clarify that all of you new members are welcome here and that I am fully supporting this proposal.

@CM-Graphtronauts and I talked a bit about this via DM and there are no hard feelings on either side.