This Month in Graph Indexing - June 2021 Edition

:newspaper: This Month in Graph Indexing - June Edition :newspaper:

Welcome to This Month in Graph Indexing where we look back at the last month and highlight the most interesting happenings in The Graph Indexer community.

:milky_way: Graph Mainnet Migration Phase 2 moves to Production Traffic! :milky_way:

Per the recent announcement from The Graph Foundation, eight of the ten initial migration partners are now running production query traffic via Mainnet!

What does production traffic mean for Indexers?

Indexers are now able to collect data on the query market demands and adjust their allocations and cost strategies as they see fit. With the move to majority production traffic on Mainnet, Indexers need to ensure their service management, infrastructure monitoring, alerting and event management processes are maintaining the best uptime possible for the services they are providing to the migration partners. The utility score of an Indexer (which informs decisions about the query business they can receive) is now more important than ever, so Indexers

Example Indexer Data Service Dashboard

Example Indexer Query Volume Dashboard

:zap: Streaming Fast joins The Graph Ecosystem :zap:

StreamingFast has joined The Graph as a core protocol developer, open-sourcing their relevant products and IP, and will be applying their extensive expertise in the field of multi-chain data services to The Graph Protocol, alongside Edge & Node. We extend a warm welcome to our new friends, and you can find them settling into the community on Discord as they transition into their new core role within the ecosystem.

Many in the Indexer community will be remember the Twitter rumors, then confirmation of’s brilliant work on optimisation of Indexing for the Pancakeswap subgraph, with at least a 57x improvement in the time taken to sync the subgraph. This achievement only scrapes the surface of what Streaming Fast does in the multi-chain data services space. If you would like to reach out to the team to introduce yourself, say hi, or ask questions you can contact Josh Kauffman from the team on Discord - you will find him under the new Streaming Fast group on Discord.

The Streaming Fast team will be joining Office Hours #20, 29th June for a fireside chat, make sure to be there if you want to learn the inside story on the Pancakeswap optimisations, learn about the team and what Streaming Fast plan to work on in the ecosystem.

:mega: Optimism on the Hosted Service :mega:

This month we received news that The Graph Hosted Service will support indexing and querying of Optimistic Ethereum L2 on the public launch. This adds another L2 to the existing support for Arbitrum. You can read more about the new integration at the original announcement.

:diamonds: Ethereum London Upgrade :diamonds:

The London upgrade completed on Ropsten yesterday, 24th June. This includes the anticipated EIP-1559 mechanics that includes burning of the base fee - you can watch the burn live on Ropsten at

As for the remaning networks, the upgrade schedule is available on the ethereum repo. Most clients are testing for mainnet-readiness, so if you are well behind on client versions it is advised to upgrade to the latest stable releases available now, so that when the Mainnet releases are published it’s a simple upgrade path for you.

:raised_hands: Community Updates :raised_hands:

Indexer RFPs

We have a list of RFPs (Request for Proposal) that specifically target initiatives and tools for Indexers. This is a continually updated list of ideas for tools and initiatives that we need to build out in order to improve an Indexer’s ability to perform well on the network.

The list is by no means complete and we are updating it constantly with new ideas that come to mind. If you would like to get involved with any of the RFPs or if have your own ideas for an RFP please reach out to Pedro from the Foundation -

The Graph Forums

  • Know Your Indexer #13 - Dappquery
  • Proposal - Support Mobile Responsive Delegating - link
  • Graph Protocol Decentralized Network Visualization - link
  • Addressing the disparity between indexing and query incentives - link

Graph-related Social Media

  • Gauging interest in a Subgraph Developer Bootcamp with pi0neerpat and dan13ram - link
  • Make sure and claim your Graph POAPs! - link
  • We’re having a meme competition! Follow #TheGraphMEME tag on Twitter and get your best effort out there!

That’s the highlights for the last month. If you have any feedback for the “This Month in…” updates feel free to post below or get in contact with me on Twitter. See you in the next one.