Missing GRT tokens

sent GRT to be staked with PROTOFIRE.ETH. 6/22/21
when connecting and finding this indexer, says no activity or tokens.
Are they (230.7) gone or possibly recoverable somehow?

You can check out graphscan.io to find your delegated stake with an Indexer. There is in fact a delegation currently active in the network that matches the details you describe, so they are not gone but rather accumulating rewards from delegation. All good


Hi Oliver, I have a similar problem.
I delegated 244.8 GRT at 9.11 am UK time yesterday, 8th November and 310.7 GRT at 10.11 am UK also yesterday. I had notifications of successful transactions.
However, my account says 0, and I can’t find them on the link you sent.
I thought maybe they were held up in traffic😂
Any suggestions, please?

Continued. I delegated from MetaMask to Protofire.

Not able to find anything with that information. I would suggest to check Etherscan to see if the transaction was confirmed at all

Can you post your transaction hash?

There are two




Thank you


Yes, both were confirmed on Etherscan

I had the same issue when I tried to delegate GRT. The transaction posted to eherium and charged me the transaction fee but my GRT was not delegated. The transaction hash is 0x2dc5f54a0bd508dc1218a1a965b7a8ac059b5d571417ad5bee0283a6ce454960

Ariel, do you work for Protofire or for Thegraph?
Are you looking into the transactions that myself and vergarachristina are concerned about?

@vergarachristina delegating means a two step process, first you approve the contract to get your tokens and then you delegate.

In this case, your transaction 0x2dc5f54a0bd508dc1218a1a965b7a8ac059b5d571417ad5bee0283a6ce454960 is for the token approval. The UI should have asked for signing another transaction to delegate after that one. You can finish this process from the UI.

@IreneB from the two transactions you posted I see that you did direct token transfers to an address instead of using the contracts, so they are not delegated. You need to call a particular function of the protocol contract to delegate. How did you do this? The Studio UI won’t allow to do the transaction you sent.

From Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan you can see that you transferred those tokens to this contract 0xb06071394531b63b0bac78f27e12dc2beaa913e4

Thank you for looking into this Ariel.
My next question is whether my GRT within Protofire be retrieved in any way?
If you can do this for me that would be great.
Or please could you tell me how I could do this myself.
I look forward to hearing from you again.

Ariel, To add that 0xb06071394531b63b0bac78f27e12dc2beaa913e4 is Protofire’s address on thegraph Indexer list.
I don’t remember exactly what I did however.

@ariel so in order to complete the delegation I will need to pay another transaction fee?

Send GRT for staking - Trans # 0xebaf073a06ee5f51d2037e87228275544c341f992a9b8b7b606a4478fbd7a178
Delegated = Trans # 0xebaf073a06ee5f51d2037e87228275544c341f992a9b8b7b606a4478fbd7a178
Account says 160 but I staked 500. Where are the missing 340?

These actions were done yesterday

Nevermind! I clicked on my delegator and it was all there.

I have same situation as @vergarachristina Do I need to pay another transaction fee? And what are the steps to complete the delegation?

I guess i have the same question… I was delegating 100 tokens to framework-labs.eth. burned .5 grt and paid the gas fee with ETH. Does not show the tokens as delegated and the ETH is gone as from Metamask Wallet and etherscan confirms the transaction.

Hi Ariel,
We also have the same problems. The transaction fee has been deducted, but the delegated tokens still showing 0.
Can you please advice.
This is the transaction hash