StreamingFast April 2023 Update

Hey all, don’t hesitate to leave some comments or reach out to us to brainstorm or discuss this plan. Always happen to hear from you!

In the last two weeks, leaders of each core dev teams met in a virtual retreat where we were able to have deep conversations and alignment on our common work going forward. It was refreshing and we got out more enthusiastic than before! In particular about the expansion of the network to a multitude of data services.

:tada: Looking back

  • Pushed evmx to production, for Mainnet, Polygon. Virtual archive nodes FTW.
    • Wrote first draft of a predictive algorithm to boost performance of EVM execution in the context of evmx. Very promising results for now.
  • First implementations of the KV Sink, and development of a WASM Query layer on top of the KV Sink. This can be thought of as custom resolvers for GraphQL (but on top of a key/value store instead of Postgres).

:rocket: Looking ahead

  • Emphasis on Uniswap’s v3 subgraph port to Substreams, and an exploration of what it means for the Substreams stack, the different sinks that can be leverage to improve the query and indexing experience.
  • Remodeling of the undo stream of events, to simplify the Substreams runtime, and give more responsibility to the sinks, which can be made to handle reliably any reorg situation. This will trigger breaking changes for which we’ll have a backwards compatibility period, testing our release processes for the first time.
  • Validation of data for EVMX on BNB
    • Wrap up the predictive performance optimizations. Compare performances around.
  • Write more end-to-end examples of the KV Sink
  • Port the WASM Query interface to the substreams-sink-postgres, to expose custom SQL queries, and make it deployable as a unit.

I am very interested in where I can read more about EVMX? What does EVMX do?

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It’s a virtual archive node to serve eth_calls at scale, without having a wobbling node, think of Alchemy’s supernode. We’re working on releasing this at some point, still a few things to work out.


What is EVMX written in and did you write from scratch or build on top of existing library?

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