StreamingFast Update February 2023

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

  • Shipped sink-kv GitHub - streamingfast/substreams-sink-kv: Substreams KV sink
  • Shipped first draft of substreams gui (weโ€™re cutting a substreams this week)
  • 86h to process our uniswap-v3 substreams-based Subgraph. NOTE: Lots of opportinities for optimization still. ALSO: Does not include all the entities the original AssemblyScript uniswap-v3 subgraph here. A few bugs were identified and fixed still.

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • Finishing work on the EVM Executor (a virtual and horizontally scalable archive node for Ethereum networks, backed by the Firehose). Pushing into production.
  • Substreams parameterization (shipping imminently)
  • Improving DX, the GUI
  • Prototype WASM query layer for the KV sink.
  • Documentation of the new features and sinks.
  • Maintenance of active networks as they undergo upgrades and forks.
  • Ideation around streamlining repositories to lower the maintenance burden of multiple firehose- repositories, and growing number of repos.