StreamingFast April 2024 Update

Hello world,

Good momentum here at StreamingFast. This month we’ve done our OKR roundup exercice, and are energized more than ever!

:tada: Looking back

One important announcement went out: Building a Decentralized Brain with AI & Crypto | by StreamingFast | Apr, 2024 | Medium positioning The Graph as a major player in the AI space. It’s been one of our most well received piece. Also listen to our Matthieu Di Mercurio on the GRTiQ podcast here: GRTiQ Podcast: Matthieu Di Mercurio on The Graph, AI, and Geo

Excellent tech work also by the guys this month, shipping optimizations on the Substreams engine. Now we’re reading back cache files massively, and the tradeoff between CPU and storage is paying back. That’s where the engines are gearing towards everywhere, so we’re on the edge here. See our announcement here: Lowering the cost to use Substreams on Solana! | by StreamingFast | Apr, 2024 | Medium

We also pooled tier2 nodes, and were able to reduce costs of operations for those running Substreams, making the whole solution cheaper. This means you don’t need a deployment of tier2 nodes for each network, but they are now generic, and receive their configuration within each requests from a tier1 node.

This month, we announced Bitcoin support for Firehose, Substreams and all. Yes it was shipped before, but we wanted to make a splash and prep’d PR for maximum impact. Read it all here:

:rocket: Looking ahead

This is a bit what is awaiting in the next quarter:

  • We’ll be improving tooling to simplify Substreams-powered subgraphs development. We want mucho SpS on the network ASAP (that and more acronyms).
  • We’ll be building (and some community members) what we call “Foundational modules”, that can see massive reuse (like some generic blocks to logs shrinking modules, and some general purpose filters that expose a simple query language, with reusable block indexes that allow you skips large chunks of the chain when looking sparse data).
  • We’ll also be working at a lot of dogfooding, and identifying patterns in subgraphs that could benefit from Substreams in the backend, and we’ll be building tools to craft those patterns using no code (codegen, with web UI as inputs).
  • This quarter, we’re going to be building tools to facilitate no-code development of Substreams modules.
  • is already seeing improvements, but that will accelerate greatly with the arrival of Jeremy Garcini, our Lead Design Engineer. We’ll improve the docs discovery, and build UIs

In addition, we’ll be striving to bring Firehose and Substreams to the Network, and designing the first phases of a new sort of gateway (concentrating on the Payments Gateway aspects, not as much in the routing ability of the current Gateway, since Firehose/Substreams are point-to-point). We’re looking to see query fees ramp up and Substreams usage soar.