StreamingFast February 2024 Update

:woman_astronaut: Summary

Hey everyone!

Here’s a quick update of last month’s work. I’m proud to say we’re outputting steady and quality work.

:tada: Looking back

  • Two new hires joining us and ramping up on The Graph technologies: Arnaud Berger in engineering, and Giuliano Francescangeli in business development. Say hi to them when you have a chance!
  • We shared out thoughts of the vision of Substreams as a Shared Intelligence Layer here: Shared Intelligence Layer — How The Graph’s Decentralized Intelligence Layer Paves the Way for Rapid Innovation | by StreamingFast | Feb, 2024 | Medium This was originally presented at the Messari Mainnet conference this year. Hit us with a Clap, and give us your feedback!
  • Improved substreams init no-code Substreams packages generation for Ethereum:
    • Dynamic Data Sources support
    • Loading of call traces
    • Writing of arrays to Postgres (specific for now, a proposition is out for general writing of arrays to any backing database)
  • Good discussions in the Solana ecosystem, learning more about the challenges there, and how an engine like Substreams could help out.
    • We’ve put out some material dedicated for Solana, so developers from that ecosystem feel at home in our documentation. See the new sections in there.
  • Released a new data service: blockmeta-service which has a simple interface to get block IDs from hashes, and the reverse. This is useful to learn about the spinal cord of a blockchain very quickly and with low overhead.
    • Replaces calls to eth_getBlockByNumber and eth_getBlockByHash on Ethereum, yet is blockchain agnostic.
    • Relies on Substreams’s abstraction of each protocol, using the substreams.Clock.
    • The first use is to power The Graph’s Gateway support for multiple protocols
  • Ran some tests on the new SbS trigger support in graph-node. This is huge. We still need to announce it properly. Bitcoin support will be showing off this feature in the near term.


:rocket: Looking ahead

  • Working on shipping Sei Blockchain integration, a high performance EVM chain.
  • Writing a new GCP PubSub sink for Substreams
  • Potential Account Deltas streams for Solana, still needs a bit of market research.
  • Solana Anchor IDL code-gen support in substreams init.
  • Foundry/Anvil support and local development experience design and implementation. If you use those tools, please reach out to us as we’re designing the best experience to onboard folks to Substreams as early as smart contract dev time.
  • Work on Geo Data Services, bringing the Geo Browser experience to the network.
  • phase 2, with quite a revamp of the UX.