StreamingFast January 2024 Update

Hey everyone!

Good stuff brewing at StreamingFast for The Graph.

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

  • Rolled out Optimism using the RPC polling method (with base block details). See announcement here.
  • Rolled out Avalanche’s C-chain (using that same method).
  • Still unannounced Bitcoin stuff. Hang on!
  • More work on Substreams SQL, and we took some Christmas time to do a few refactors down in the depths of Firehose, as we’re moving to Firehose Core (a general purpose framework for sync’ing chains, instead of having a Firehose for each protocol).

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • Solana-first experience for Substreams (stabilization, docs, making the Solana ecosystem feel at home)
  • Dynamic Data Sources support in Substreams (Ethereum)
  • Possible design for Shadow Events through EVMX (Ethereum)
    • Potential design for Storage Changes as a first triggers (for Substreams and eventually subgraphs)
  • Help finalize subgraph mappings fronting any Substreams module (led by E&N)
  • Substreams SQL work (UPSERT support, etc.)
  • phase 2, with quite a revamp of the UX.
  • Work on the web-based GUI is also ongoing (many thanks to The Guild here)

We want your input

There are a few things for which we’ll be gathering more market data. In particular, we want your feedback on:

  • whether you or your team would be interested in being able to write Substreams modules using Go, would that change your usage and perception of Substreams?