StreamingFast May 2023 Update

:woman_astronaut: Exec summary

The whole team is heads down improving the Substreams stack, by taking on some of the worst-cases of Subgraphs. Multiple features were developed along the way:

  • Performance issues, and improving debuggability of such issues
  • Improved undo and reorg management reliability (with a second iteration of the RPC protocol). This requires an update on graph-node which is PR’d.
  • Massive improvements to the substreams gui, which now covers all the things substreams run did, and much more.
  • High-speed injection of Subgraph data from Substreams output (using COPY FROM per entities, and a posteriori parallel index creation).

Most of our efforts this week were to push the Uniswap-v3 Substreams to its limits, refactoring, designing new patterns, improving the whole stack. Dogfooding basically.

Our goal for next month is to demonstrate how powerful Substreams-based Subgraph can be, with a decent user experience. We also want to demonstrate how diverse sinks can solve different sets of problems: for instance, how a key-value store could massively improve the page-load time of … especially for those time series.


Can you outline some of the “massive” improvements to the GUI?