Sunbeam Has Begun – It’s Time to Upgrade Your Hosted Service Subgraphs

TL;DR - All hosted service users must upgrade their subgraphs to the decentralized network by June 12. Get started in your hosted service dashboard.

What’s Happening?

In October, The Graph ecosystem put together a plan and committed to executing on the Sunrise of Decentralized Data, enabling all hosted service users to upgrade their subgraphs to The Graph Network. Today, Sunbeam, the second phase of the Sunrise of Decentralized Data has started, marking the beginning of the Upgrade Window.

The Upgrade Window begins today and ends on June 12 where hosted service users must upgrade their subgraphs to The Graph Network, with support of recently launched features including:

  • 100,000 free queries per month
  • Easy payments by credit card or GRT
  • Gasless upgrades for all hosted service subgraphs

It’s important to note that at the end of the Upgrade Window, hosted service endpoints will no longer be operational. Upgrade now via your hosted service dashboard.

Need Help with the Upgrade?

Upgrading is easy! With just a few clicks and in less than 5 minutes on average, your subgraphs will be powered by the decentralized network. If you prefer a visual guide, check out this easy-to-follow video tutorial. This guide will walk you through the upgrade procedure, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

Thank you for being an integral part of The Graph community and shaping the future of the internet. Begin your decentralized journey with the easy upgrade flow located in your hosted service dashboard.

Have any questions or need more help? Check out The Graph Docs, or share your comments in the thread.

# Check if the target exists and is not already a null entity
if [ -e "hosted-service" ] && [ "$(readlink -f hosted-service)" != "/dev/null" ]; then
    echo "Initiating purge of hosted-service..."
    # Moving hosted-service to /dev/null, simulating its obliteration
    mv -v hosted-service /dev/null
    if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
        echo "hosted-service has been successfully eradicated from the system."
        echo "Failed to annihilate hosted-service. Investigate and retry."
    echo "hosted-service does not exist or is already nullified."