The Sunrise is upon us: our commitment to upgrading all traffic to the Network🌅

Five years ago, the initial team behind The Graph embarked on a journey to transform data as we know it. We promised an internet where data would be fully decentralized, liberating us from the clutches of centralized, controlled data silos.

Today, the decentralized network delivers performance, redundancy and fast syncing speeds simply unmatched on hosted or SaaS alternatives. These advantages enable us to double down on our promise to empower web3 builders.

With immense enthusiasm, I’m thrilled to announce that @edgeandnode is spinning up an upgrade Indexer – a solution to empower every hosted service user to seamlessly upgrade to The Graph Network in one fell swoop over the coming months :sunrise: It’s time for everyone to take advantage of the benefits: lower query costs, ultra-reliable uptime, powerful syncing speeds, transparent subgraph usage stats, a robust query success support system and so much more – all while avoiding vendor lock-in.

An added benefit: Today, the hosted service supports 40+ blockchain networks. The upgrade Indexer will bring them to The Graph’s decentralized network, enabling queryability in parallel to chains undergoing governance to enable indexing rewards :chains:

In other words: not only will every subgraph on the hosted service today be upgradeable to the network – they’ll also be virtually immediately queryable on the network after upgrading, along with enabling any other Indexer to sync and serve those same subgraphs :boom:

This initiative is being democratized – empowering anyone to permissionlessly step in and become an upgrade Indexer to earn GRT query fees on subgraphs previously limited to the hosted service environment. The upgrade Indexer initiative also creates a clear path to more GRT query fees via usage on the network as more dapps choose the resilience and performance enabled by the decentralized network.

As a dapp developer, you do not need to look for a hosted service provider or host your own infra, as you can outsource it all to The Graph Network in a seamless way with no service gap and no web2 style contracts or vendor locks. The network has faster syncing speeds, better latency to serve queries at lightning speed and amazing support teams to help you through anything you need.

Edge & Node is working to further increase the resiliency of @graphprotocol and building upon what was previously announced as The Graph’s Sunrise of Decentralized Data. All without stopping support for critical infrastructure that tens of thousands of developers rely on today. Subgraph Studio will remain a rate-limited sandbox for experimentation.

The team will soon be sharing our revamped Sunrise plan full of new enhancements without sacrificing service continuity.

A vibrant decentralized future is about to dawn – stay tuned for more! :sunny: