The Graph Core R&D Roadmap

Hi everyone :wave:

:astronaut: The Graph Foundation is excited to present a collaborative R&D roadmap to the community!

This is a collaborative plan being executed by contributors from around the world, including Edge & Node, StreamingFast, Figment, The Guild, Semiotic AI, GraphOps, LimeChain, BlockScience, Prysm Group, and other independent researchers. This roadmap is constructed from years of research and design across multiple teams to enhance The Graph Network to fulfill the data needs of dapp developers and consumers.

All these different teams and individuals are collaborating in recently formalized working groups:

  • Data & APIs
  • Indexer Experience
  • SNARK Force
  • Protocol Economics
  • Protocol and Network Ops

:point_right: We invite you to read more about it in our blog post. :point_left:

:rocket: The Graph Core R&D Workspace

As The Graph is being built in public and in a decentralized way, we’ve put together a new publicly accessible The Graph Core R&D Workspace. You can resort to this page to follow each working group’s progress on significant workstreams and access meeting notes and recordings.

:calendar: Also, please do subscribe to the The Graph Ecosystem Calendar to attend future Core R&D calls.

Feedback is most welcome!