The Graph Council Meeting #47

Council members value transparency and have agreed to follow Chatham House Rules for sharing meeting notes. On June 1st, 2023, The Graph Council held its 47th meeting.

Council Members Present:
Alexandre Bourget
Yondon Fu
Julien Genestoux
Mable Jiang
Spencer Noon
Santiago Palladino
Brandon Ramirez
Sabastian Siemssen

Council Observers Present:
Yaniv Tal

Foundation Members Present:
Eva Beylin
Jordan Teague
Alex Marsh
David Machotka

Meeting commenced at 8 am PST, June 1, 2023

Council Business

There were no additional comments on GGP-0024 L2 transfer tools (GIP-0046). The proposal had been discussed on the forum. The Snapshot needs 3 more votes to pass. The discussion moved to GGP/GIP Enabling Substreams. The community will be notified through a forum post.

Other topics of Discussion
The council discussed market validation for EVMX and if the improvement is needed. The council discussed broader alignment of the ecosystem around the public good model. The discussion moved to doing more research around the product go-to-market.

The Council voted on terms related to potential core infrastructure grant agreement.

The council discussed options for future representation of more core developers on the council.