The Graph Foundation - 2022 Annual Grants Report

The Graph Foundation is pleased to share the first Annual Grants Report. Beginning with 2022, The Graph Foundation will publish an annual report that provides details about grants that have been funded and supported within the ecosystem during the calendar year. The annual report will offer an overview of the grants program, grantee success and achievements, and financial summaries.

At its core, The Graph Foundation is an independent organization that helps facilitate the work of network participants. The Foundation’s mandate is to support the development and growth of The Graph’s ecosystem to ensure the long-term sustainability of The Graph Network. The annual report will focus on one of the main tools the Foundation uses to achieve this mission: ecosystem grants.

The grants program continues to evolve. In addition to incorporating ecosystem DAOs into the grants process, the Foundation has also introduced retroactive grants funding. Rather than fund projects based on what they might accomplish, retroactive grants fund projects based on what they did accomplish. This design mechanism will make the grants program less reliant on outcomes-based contributions, which will ultimately help the Foundation reward projects that stimulate The Graph ecosystem.

You can access the 2022 Annual Grants Report here.