The Graph Foundation - 2023 Annual Grants Report

The Graph Foundation is excited to present the 2023 Annual Grants Report. Building on the inaugural publication last year, this report continues the Foundation’s commitment to transparency and supporting growth within The Graph ecosystem. It provides a detailed look at the grants awarded in 2023, showcasing grantee success stories and financial overviews.

The Graph Foundation is an independent entity dedicated to advancing the functionality, growth, and reach of The Graph Network. The Foundation’s core mission is to nurture and expand The Graph ecosystem, ensuring its vitality and sustainability into the future. This report underscores the role of ecosystem grants as a pivotal tool employed by the Foundation to fulfill this mission.

In 2023, The Graph further cemented its status as the backbone of web3 architecture. This past year saw a surge in new initiatives and deeper engagement from various network participants—Indexers, Curators, Delegators, core developer teams, subgraph developers, community managers, grantees, and multiple community DAOs- all of which led to a greater expansion and development of The Graph ecosystem.

You can access the 2023 Annual Grants Report here.