The Graph's Community Talk #12

The Graph’s Community Talk #12 was held on Tuesday, June 21st @8AM PST.

The Graph’s Community Talk series covers a wide range of subjects from all corners of our network and provides attendees with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings at The Graph. The meetings are held in the Graph Stage channel of the Discord Server. Tip: go to the Events channel at the top of the Discord server and set yourself a reminder for The Graph’s Community Talk.

Community Talk #12 features a breakdown of Graph Day announcements, a review of Graph Hack, and two in-depth demos from Soulbound Labs (Soulbound Studio) and Playgrounds (Subgrounds).

Topics Include:

  • Graph Day Announcements
    • Core Dev Grants
    • Liquid Staking with Tenderize
    • Sunsetting of the Hosted Service
    • Launch of The Graph Client
    • Substreams
    • Arbitrum GRT Bridge
    • Shellproofs
    • Cosmos Ecosystem Integration
    • Geo web3 Browser
  • Graph Hack
  • Soulbound Labs | Soulbound Studio Demo
  • Playgrounds | Subgrounds Demo

Detailed notes regarding each topic with timestamps can be found below.

The Graph Community Talk is geared towards a broad audience regardless of background, whether technical or non-technical. We are looking for active participation from the community and are looking forward to your engagement!

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Graph Day Announcements (01:10)

Two New Core Development Teams

Graph Ops and Messari were recently awarded core development grants! The Graph Ops team has been active with The Graph since 2020 and have already made many valuable contributions to the ecosystem. As a core development team, they will be focusing on Protocol R&D, Indexer experience and ecosystem support. Messari will join as a core subgraph development team and will be tasked with developing and maintaining high-quality standardized protocol subgraphs.

Liquid Staking with Tenderize

Liquid staking with Tenderize now allows you to participate in the decentralized network as a delegator without locking up your GRT. Learn more here.

Sunsetting of the Hosted Service

The Graph’s hosted service is scheduled for sunsetting in Q1 of 2023 after providing years of service to web3 dapps. Sunsetting will occur in stages to allow all dapps to migrate to the decentralized network.

Stage 1 | Q3 2022

Subgraphs will no longer be able to deploy on the hosted service. They must publish to the decentralized network.

Stage 2 | Q4 2022

Subgraph upgrades must be performed through subgraph studio and subsequently published to the decentralized network.

Stage 3 | End of Q1 2023

The hosted service will no longer support subgraphs for chains fully integrated with the decentralized network.

Migration grants and technical support are available to any teams that need help with migration!

Launch of The Graph Client

The Graph Client has launched! The Graph Client is a package of tools that improves developer experience and allows developers to better integrate The Graph with their project.


Streaming Fast, the core development team that brought us the Firehose, announced Substreams. Substreams can be combined and aggregated to deliver data to subgraphs or end-user applications, allowing for up to 100x faster Indexing speed than what is currently being achieved. Substreams is currently being tested with a small group of developers. Look out for more information regarding Substreams soon.

Arbitrum GRT Bridge

A GIP has been posted detailing how The Graph will scale to Layer 2 via Arbitrum One! An Arbitrum Graph devnet would be created to function similarly to how The Graph currently operates on L1, as to inform and enable a L2 deployment in the future. There will be systems and fallbacks in place in case of any issues in deployment to L2.


Edge & Node and Semiotic AI have developed an efficient and trust minimized novel SNARK called Shellproofs. Head over to Indexer Office Hours or future Core R&D calls to get a complete breakdown on Shellproofs!

Cosmos Ecosystem Integration

Cosmos Hub has completed its beta integration with The Graph’s hosted service. This is the 35th chain and third non-EVM network to integrate with The Graph. Osmosis Zone support is already in beta!


Geo is a web3 browser built on The Graph where users can utilize subgraphs in-browser. Geo organizes the worlds knowledge, serves it in a decentralized way, and allows users to browse its beautiful interface while working towards solving the world’s biggest challenges.

Join the beta waitlist here.

Graph Hack (17:40)

Graph Hack was a three-day event (24/7) following Graph Day filled with speakers, panels, and developers coming together to build web3. By the end of the third day, 57 Projects were submitted with $450,000 in total bounties awarded to participants.

Soulbound Labs | Soulbound Studio Demo (20:50)

The alpha launch of Soulbound Studio is now live! Soulbound Labs have been working tirelessly to create a no-code subgraph GUI where users can create subgraphs without needing any in depth technical development knowledge. Check out the demo of Soulbound Studio below ↓

The level of intuitiveness when it comes to using Notion or Figma, we want that same level of intuitiveness for subgraphs. We can provide that step-by-step process and guardrails, and abstract away the technical complexity; unless you don’t want to, you can download the code and hack it to your hearts content. I think for 95% of the web3 community that’s a big ask, so those are the people we are trying to help. – Jordan | Soulbound Labs

Join the Soulbound Labs Discord to learn more!

Playgrounds | Subgrounds Demo (29:30)

Playgrounds developed a new pythonic data access layer to query, manipulate and visualize data Indexed on The Graph network. There is a lot of tooling built on top of The Graph network to build websites, but there weren’t many tooling options for complex data analysis. This led to the development of a simple, automated, and schema-driven tool called Subgrounds. With Subgrounds you can query data from subgraphs and organize/export it for analysis. Check out the Playgrounds segment from the community talk below ↓

Learn more on the Playgrounds Docs or on their Discord.

Stay Tuned!

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