The Graph's Community Talk #14

The Graph’s Community Talk #14 was held on Tuesday, August 16th @8AM PST.

The Graph’s Community Talk covers a wide range of subjects from all corners of our network and provides attendees with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings within The Graph ecosystem. The meetings are held in The Graph Stage channel of the Discord Server.

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Community Talk #14 features the latest community updates, a demo of GraphLooker, information on SubgraphDAO, an overview of Curation Station and a segment on open positions within The Graph ecosystem from the Head of Talent at The Graph.

Topics Include:

  • Community Updates
    • Community Grants
    • Eth Latam
    • Messari & Soulbound
    • GRTiQ Latest Episodes
    • Soulspeak Latest Episodes
    • GRT Participant Update
  • GraphLooker
  • SubgraphDAO
  • Curation Station
  • Open Roles at The Graph

Detailed notes regarding each topic with timestamps can be found below.

The Graph Community Talk is geared towards a broad audience regardless of background, whether technical or non-technical. We are looking for active participation from the community and are looking forward to your engagement!

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Community Updates (29:30)

Community Grants

As covered in the previous community talk, the grant application is now live! Please head on over to The Graph AdvocatesDAO forum to review and comment on applications.

Review community grants here!

Eth Latam | Buenos Aries

More that 4,000 people attended Buenos Aries first major crypto event, Eth Latam. There were more than 15 advocates that attended the event and Brian Berman of Edge & Node gave a presentation on The Graph. Watch below!↓

Soulbound Studio

Soulbound Labs launched the alpha version of Soulbound Studio on August 5th, 2022. Soulbound Studio is subgraph development GUI that simplifies subgraph creation and deployment. Take a look at Soulbound Labs twitter thread detailing Soulbound Studio:

Messari Core Development Grant Blog Post

If you’re interested in learning more about what Messari’s core development grant entails, head over to The Graph’s blog!

Find the blog post here!

GRTiQ’s Latest Episodes

Check out the latest podcast episodes from GRTiQ!

GRTiQ Podcast: 75 Joel Chan and Rob Haisfield

Today I’m speaking with Rod Haisfield and Joel Chen. I recorded this interview with Rob and Joel to shine a light on their research, which was funded by a grant from The Graph Foundation, and to show, once again, how The Graph ecosystem is exploring the edge of technology. As you will hear, in this particular case the edge being explored is at the intersection where technology, user experience, and knowledge converge.

GRTiQ Podcast: 76 Derek Meyer (Data Nexus)

Today I’m speaking with Derek Meyer (Data Nexus). Ever since joining The Graph community, Derek has become a highly engaged and thoughtful contributor. Derek is one of the unique participants within The Graph whose been able to participate in various stakeholder roles effectively – Delegator, Curator, Subgraph Developer, and now with an Indexer, with the recent launch Data Nexus. He also helped launch Curation Station, a highly active Telegram group dedicated to Curation, for which he was previously featured on this podcast (Episode 29).

Soul Speak Podcast

Soul Speak is a relatively new podcast hosted by Marcus Rein of Soulbound Labs which explores Web3 and what it means to take your identity back.

SoulSpeak#7 - Kyle Rojas of Edge & Node Talks DeFi/TradFi, Reputation, and Values in Web3 and Beyond

SoulSpeak#9 Nick Hansen of GRTiQ Shares His Perspectives on Web3 and The Graph

This Month in Indexing

Read it here!

This month in indexing covers the latest updates in Indexing every month!

This Month in Curation

Read it here!

This month in curation covers the latest updates in Curation every month!

The Graph - Q2 2022 Quarterly GRT Participant Update

The latest GRT Participant Update covers highlights from Q2 2022 of The Graph, including key stats, announcements and milestones. Watch the recording and learn about all the building and innovating happening within The Graph Ecosystem!

GraphLooker | Grantee Spotlight (29:30)

Graph Looker, brought to you by the DappLooker team, is a real time subgraph explorer and visualizer. GraphLooker allows users to search, filter, sort and download subgraph data to .csv. The tool started out as an internal tool by the DappLooker team to analyze subgraphs before they realized this may be a useful tool for The Graph’s network participants. Take a look at GraphLooker below.

Subgraph DAO (29:30)

The mission of the SubgraphDao is to support, fund and empower developers, teams and protocols actively building subgraphs, as well as those in need of subgraph development.

Purpose of SubgraphDAO

  • Support the subgraph development community
  • Create new subgraphs
  • Maintain existing subgraphs
  • Migrate subgraphs to the decentralized network
  • Educate junior subgraph developers

Who is SubgraphDAO for?

  • Developers, teams and protocols actively building subgraphs as well as those in need of subgraph development.
  • Superstar/Senior/Junior/Novice Subgraph Developers

If you want to get involved with SubgraphDAO join their Discord or reach out to Colson on Discord.

Curation Station (29:30)

Curation Station on Telegram is a place where Curators in The Graph ecosystem congregate to discuss new subgraphs, protocol changes and all things curation. With the sunsetting of the hosted service underway, education and training are a top priority as many subgraphs migrate to the decentralized network. There are many opportunities to learn and discuss curation with other Curators at Curation Station!

Join the Curation Station Telegram Channel!

Open Roles at The Graph (29:30)

Matt Schwinden (Blockwise_Matt), Head of Talent at The Graph, reminded the community to keep sharing out the open positions within The Graph ecosystem! All open positions can be found at:

Matt also answered community questions regarding how to find an open position with Web3! Listen to his responses below:

Stay Tuned!

Join us next month for Community Talk #15!

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