The Graph's Community Talk #22

The Graph’s Community Talk #22 was held on Tuesday, April 18th @8AM PST.

The Graph’s Community Talk covers a wide range of subjects from all corners of our network and provides attendees with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings within The Graph ecosystem. The meetings are held in The Graph Stage channel of the Discord Server.

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Community Talk #22 Topics Include:

  • Community Updates

  • Billing 2.0

  • Chibudem’s Graph Event

  • Last Updates

Detailed notes regarding each topic with timestamps can be found below.

The Graph Community Talk is geared towards a broad audience regardless of background. We are looking for active participation from the community and are looking forward to your engagement!

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Community Updates (00:00)

The call began with a review of recent community updates, including the onboarding of 50 new Graph Advocates from nine different countries, such as India, Belgium, and Argentina. The number of subgraphs that have migrated to the decentralized network has now reached over 800, indicating significant growth in the ecosystem. The Graph was also featured in well-known publications like Fortune and Bloomberg, and four new episodes of the GRTiQ podcast were released, featuring prominent figures from the web3 space.

One of the major updates shared during the call was the completion of text translations for The Graph’s documentation in multiple languages, including Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, and Urdu. These translations will soon be available online, enabling local language communities to access and utilize The Graph’s resources more effectively. A notable contribution by a Graph Advocate was highlighted, who created a graph-cli tutorial that received positive feedback from the community and may be included in the official documentation.

Another significant update was the launch of the Apollo testnet in the Subgraph Studio, marking an important step forward for web3 developers. Marcus, one of the call participants, shared his experience using the Apollo testnet and highlighted its positive impact on accelerating his own development.

The call also featured discussions around The Graph community’s participation in various events, such as ETH Tokyo and the Hong Kong Web3 Festival. Attendees at these events shared their experiences, emphasizing the importance of face-to-face interactions and the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with other developers and advocates in the space. The Graph’s presence at these events not only allowed them to promote the project but also helped foster relationships and inspire potential Graph Advocates to join the ecosystem.

Billing 2.0 (13:00)

The Graph Ecosystem is introducing billing updates to improve the user experience and streamline the process for both users and billing operators. The current billing system is complex, time-consuming, and requires users to acquire GRT from an external exchange.

To address these issues, The Graph is working on a new system that maintains the flexible Pay As You Go option but also offers subscription plans. Three proposed plans include:

  • Pay As You Go: Similar to the current experience, users can pay for queries without committing to a set amount or a specific number of queries.

  • Consumer Plan: Optimized for consumers who use existing subgraphs and don’t need to develop or publish new ones. Users can lock in a set number of queries for a fixed price over a month.

  • Developer Bundle: Offers a fixed number of queries at a set price, along with additional benefits like subgraph publication, curation, periodic upgrades, and priority support.

An interactive slider will allow users to select the number of queries or set a spending limit. Payment options will include GRT, Fiat, and USDC stablecoins, with the potential for more options based on user feedback.

Billing 2.0 will integrate Pay As You Go and subscriptions, providing users with a streamlined experience, built-in cost and query estimations, and the ability to pay in multiple currencies. Managed subgraph plans will be introduced to help abstract some complexities, and the entire system will be trustless.

The Graph aims to create a “set it and forget it” billing experience, where users can set up recurring payments and not have to worry about manual payments. The roadmap includes implementing subscriptions through a Billing 2.0 MVP with a small group of users, releasing the feature to a broader audience, introducing auto-recurring payments, and eventually offering managed subgraph plans.

The Graph Event Hosted by Chibudem (23:00)

Chibudem, an advocate and member of The Graph Advocates DAO, provided an update on a recent workshop hosted by Charles and himself. The workshop was part of a four-part series focused on The Graph. The event, which had over 40 attendees, coincided with the final day of Eth Tokyo.

The first part of the series was held on February 10th and introduced The Graph, its network participants, and The Graph Advocates Program. The second part, which recently concluded, focused on building a subgraph on Ethereum. This session covered blockchain basics, smart contracts, and how subgraphs can help make data easily accessible.

The next two workshops in the series will be more hands-on, with plans to build a subgraph to track specific events and coordinate a hackathon with a prize for the best use of The Graph. The goal of these events is to encourage more people to become involved as data curators, subgraph developers, and participants in the advocates program.

Last Updates (25:10)

Colson provided several ending updates on The Graph Ecosystem:

  1. Monthly core developer updates have been posted on the forum, and the recording from the last quarter’s developer call is also available.

  2. A joint workshop and presentation by The Graph and Chainlink is scheduled for April 27 in Uruguay, promoted by The Graph Espanol.

  3. Vela Exchange is the 800th subgraph on the decentralized network.

  4. Polygon is now available on the Subgraph Studio, allowing developers to build subgraphs for Polygon.

  5. The Graph SubgraphDAO is onboarding new members. Interested parties can reach out via The Graph’s Discord server or join the SubgraphDAO Discord server.

  6. The House of Web3 has shared Q1 updates, highlighting 150+ founders, 100+ engineers, and 75+ business professionals participating in various events. Invitations can be requested through the provided link.

  7. An upcoming hackathon at the House of Web3 is scheduled for May 12, sponsored by Evernote.

  8. The Graph Advocates DAO and the Graph Ecosystem are open to community grant proposals. Applications can be submitted through or The Graph Foundation’s community grants program.

Lastly, Colson reminded the community about the upcoming indexer office hours at 1800 UTC and the monthly core developer call on April 28 at 1500 UTC.

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