The Graph's Community Talk #18

The Graph’s Community Talk #18 was held on Tuesday, December 20th @8AM PST.

The Graph’s Community Talk covers a wide range of subjects from all corners of our network and provides attendees with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings within The Graph ecosystem. The meetings are held in The Graph Stage channel of the Discord Server.

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Community Talk #18 Topics Include:

  • Community Updates
  • GRTDataHub Chatbot In-Depth
  • EthIndia
  • Wave 7 & 8 Grants
  • The Graph Boot Camp
  • Achievements of The Graph AdvocatesDAO in 2022

Detailed notes regarding each topic with timestamps can be found below.

The Graph Community Talk is geared towards a broad audience regardless of background. We are looking for active participation from the community and are looking forward to your engagement!

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Community Updates (00:29)

:tada: The Graph’s 2nd Birthday :tada:

There were six birthday party celebrations held across the world to celebrate the decentralized networks second birthday! A few of the Graph Advocates who hosted and attended some of the parties shared their experiences with the community. Look at some of the fun members of The Graph ecosystem had at the celebrations!

A twitter space was held in celebration on The Graph’s official twitter:

Find it here!

Connext Goes Decentralized

The first Gnosis Chain subgraph has migrated to the decentralized network! Welcome Connext to the decentralized future!

BlockHash Podcast

Episode 292 of the podcast BlockHash: Exporing the Blockchain, features Kyle Rojas of Edge & Node to talk about The Graph and its importance to Web3.

Listen Here!

GRTiQ Latest Episodes:

Many new episodes of GRTiQ have been released since the last community talk! Check out the list below:

#91 Suhail Kakar, a Developer Advocate Engineer at Livepeer
#92 Noelle Becker Moreno, Marketing Lead at Edge & Node
#93 Collin O’Brien, Marketing Manager at Rubic, a multichain DeFi ecosystem
#94 Sergej Kunz, Co-Founder of 1inch Network
#95 Alex Pakalniskis, a Graph Advocate and member of the Graph AdvocatesDAO & IndexerDAO

Find these episodes here!

Increasing Language Support in The Graph Ecosystem

More than 338,000 different words of text has been translated across The Graph Ecosystem. Japanese (97%) and Urdu (99%) are close to completion and after review will be available on The Graph’s website. Dutch, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian support kicked off this month and support for French and German will start next month!

GRTDataHub Chatbot (19:28)

The GRTDataHub chatbot will help you answer any questions you have about The Graph! Liam Doyle of GRTDataHub shared a walkthrough of the chatbots functions during the talk. New features have been added to the chatbot including expanded language support and a new “help” chat function.

Check it out for yourself here!

EthIndia (26:05)

The Graph was one of many sponsors for EthIndia which occurred in the first week of December! There is a large Web3 developer presence in India with many of The Graph community members native to India! EthIndia’s hackathon had over 20,000 applicants with only 2,000 spaces available. Of 480 projects submitted, 68 project submissions utilized The Graph.

The Graph Foundation awarded $7k in bounties for builders; here are the winners!

:medal_sports: 1st Place Best New Subgraph

Cal3 earned first place by creating a subgraph-powered calendar app that enables users to create events, invite people via wallet address, collect RSVPs and send push notifications.

Learn more!

:2nd_place_medal: 2nd Place Best New Subgraph

Jiffy scan earned the second-place prize for their transaction explorer that uses subgraphs to make sense of bundled transactions.

Learn more!

:medal_sports: 1st Place Best Use of an Existing Subgraph

Griffin won first place for best use of an existing subgraph for their subgraph-powered portal that calculates optimal liquidity pool fees for Uniswap traders.

Learn more!

:2nd_place_medal: 2nd Place Best Use of an Existing Subgraph

Jiffy scan earned the second-place prize for their transaction explorer that uses subgraphs to make sense of bundled transactions.

Learn more!

Wave 7 & 8 Grants (36:20)

As you may have read in the wave seven blog posts, The Graph foundation will be approaching grants differently in the new year. The Foundation believes that this approach is on the path to further decentralization and fair distribution. Further decentralization also means that community impact and use will determine grant valuation funding for a contribution already being utilized within the ecosystem. In the past, the foundation would fund the grant based on completion and deliverables.

Moving forward, the foundation will evaluate projects and ideas once they have been shipped and proven to provide substantial value to the community. Above all, it is necessary that any contribution funded by the Foundation is open source. This is extremely important and valuable as funding goes into projects. There are cases where teams don’t have the bandwidth or commitment to complete the agreed upon delivered deliverables. And the ideal scenario is to have another team pick it up where it left off.

Criteria that the foundation will look at consist of one or more of the following:

  • Participants reached (e.g. Taught a four-week course with 1000 students.)
  • Conversion to the ecosystem (e.g. Number of certified subgraph developers that are now participating and contributing in the ecosystem.)
  • Practicality and usefulness (e.g. Are developers using using your tool? Is it buggy or easy to navigate?
  • Originality (Developing standard content will not be funded as there are multiple resources available for content already created.)

You are welcome to apply as you usually would for a grant, however it would immensely help to fast track your grant funding if you apply and you’re prepared to share success and sentiment from the community. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Reem from The Graph Foundation. - Reem

The Graph Boot Camp (38:43)

Protofire held a boot camp on December 1st 2022, in Palermo, Buenos Aries, Argentina to provide more than eight hours of intensive Web3 technical onboarding! Over 60 participants enrolled with more than 20 participants attending the boot camp. The bootcamp covered topics such as:

  1. Distributed Computing
  2. An introduction to blockchain
  3. Ethereum Smart Contracts
  4. Subgraph Development
  5. Roles in The Graph ecosystem and Protocol Decentralization
  6. Data Analytics
  7. Indexing Infrastructure

Achivements of The Graph AdvocatesDAO in 2022 (45:41)

The Graph AdvocatesDAO has completed many initiatives in 2022! Check out a recap of the DAOs accomplishments below:

Text Translation

Text translation is an important part of making The Graph ecosystem available to all communities across the world!

  • 338,000 translated words across The Graph Ecosystem
  • 176,775 words of The Graph’s website translated since September
  • 107 Text Translators and Proofreaders working on the initiative

Hours & Reimbursements

  • 678 approved advocate hours
  • $12,800 in total advocate reimbursements

Subgraph Documentation

An initiative to provide subgraph documentation to projects in need of help has led to 19 subgraphs with documentation live on their respective sites with another four currently in review.

If you need help with subgraph documentation, find it here!

Code Along with Alex

Code Along with Alex is a community learning series where Advocate Alex helps attendees understand topics such as:

  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • Rust, Python
  • Linux Command Line for Beginners

Graph Advocates Spotlight

The Graph Advocates Spotlight is a weekly newsletter showcasing Graph Advocates accomplishments and ecosystem news, events, and protocol metrics.

Check out the latest issue here!

Community Care

Community care advocates have been providing continuous support to new and existing community members in Discord, Telegram and Reddit! Regional support for the MIPs program has also been provided in Telegram for Spanish, Chinese and Russian speaking community members.

DAO Wide Highlights

  • Community calendar created and updated (find at the bottom of this forum post)
  • Monthly Advocate Role Chats
  • Community Talk
  • Learning Series

Learning Series

Graph Advocates were provided access across a range of topics pertaining to The Graph and Web3 in The Graph AdvocatesDAO Discord server.

Community Grants

The Graph AdvocatesDAO currently oversees community grants up to $20,000. The first community grant was granted two months ago! Since then, six grants have been fully funded ($21,000), six have passed and are partially funded ($66,000), and grants that have been recommended or that are in the voting phase amount to $11,500. This amounts to $98,500 in total!

What’s to come?

There’s much to look forward to in 2023!

  • Continuation of Expanded Language Support
  • An expansion of Advocate tools and resources
  • Quarterly Advocate Contributions Review
  • Advocate Grant Distributions
  • Scale
    • Fund more Advocate activities
    • Continue to review and fund additional community grants
  • Build out

Stay Tuned!

Join us next month for Community Talk #19!

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