The Graph's Community Talk #30

The Graph’s Community Talk #30 was held on Tuesday, December 20th @8am pst.

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Community Updates (00:00)

Community Call #30 covered ecosystem updates, The Graph’s third birthday, an Eth India recap, a feature on zkmap, a recap of The Graph on Campus and a presentation on the Graph Advocates program which included a summary of the programs achievements in 2023.

Community Updates:

  • The Graph celebrated its third birthday recently by hosting seven events globally. These events took place in various cities, including Buenos Airies, Lagos, London, Montreal, New Delhi, San Francisco, and Tokyo.
  • Photographs from these events were shared during the presentation.
  • The Graph has progressed to the next stage in its development roadmap, termed the “Sunray Phase.” Further details about this phase can be found here.
  • Core developers have posted their recent updates to the forum here.

The Graph’s 3rd Birthday

Buenos Aires
Lorena, of the Graph AdvocatesDAO hosted The Graph’s third birthday party in Buenos Aires. At the event, speakers from the core developer teams detailed the roadmap of The Graph over the next year along with a panel discussing the future of web3. The panels were recorded and will be shared soon!

Abel of Indexer Office Hours hosted the London based birthday party, in which Colson shared his experience attending. Approximately 90 people attended and had the opportunity to learn more about the Graph Advocates program and learn about where The Graph is headed. Many attendees were from adjacent web3 communities who were introduced to The Graph.

GRTiQ Podcast New Releases

Episode 144 - Anirudh Patel

Episode 144 features Aniurdh “Ani” Patel, Senior Research Scientist at Semiotic Labs, returns to discuss his career and educational background, including a passion for travel, and his journey into the web3 and crypto space through Semiotic Labs and The Graph ecosystem. The conversation covers insights into artificial intelligence and machine learning, and concludes with the announcement of Semiotic Labs’ new LLM product, AgentC.

Episode 145 - Stake Machine

Episode 145 features Slava, Founder of Stake Machine and an Indexer at The Graph, discussing his transition from web2 entrepreneurship to web3 and his early experiences in the field, including his involvement in The Graph’s initial testnet program, Mission Control. He shares insights on The Graph’s new roadmap, the Sunrise of Decentralized Data, balancing full-time work in web3 while operating Stake Machine, and the development of the Grafana dashboard by Stake Machine.

Episode 146 - Anthony Zhang

Episode 146 features Anthony Zhang, a Community Manager at The Graph Foundation, focusing on growing The Graph’s community in Asia, and his previous role at StreamingFast, a core development team of The Graph. The interview highlights Anthony’s enthusiasm for music and explores how web3 could transform the traditional music industry. It also delves into his initial interest in web3, his journey to his role at StreamingFast, and insights into the crypto and web3 landscape in Asia.

Episode 147 - Mujtaba Idrees

Episode 147 features Mujtaba Idrees, Blockchain Solutions Architect at Deutsche Telekom, discussing the company’s venture into the web3 space and its role as an Indexer on The Graph. It delves into Deutsche Telekom’s vision for web3, Mujtaba’s professional journey, and his personal interests, including travel and the allure of web3.

Visit the GRTiQ website for the latest episodes!

Eth India | Dec. 8th-10th (01:46)

The Graph hosted a successful side event at Eth India alongside Kinekt, a decentralized social platform. This event brought together approximately 70 web developers (some new to web3) to explore developments in Ethereum and The Graph’s ecosystem, aiming to integrate new builders into the web3 community and enhance The Graph’s community engagement.

Engagement at Eth India

  • This event saw the participation of 66 projects. It was notable for the high number of new faces, in which many were also onboarded as Graph Advocates.
  • Feedback from the judges reported higher quality projects year over year.
  • Lots of swag was passed out at the booth and participants loved it!
  • Charchit presented at the side event detailed above, highlighting the importance of web3 and decentralization, discussing The Graph’s role in the marketplace of data.
  • Additionally, a birthday party in New Delhi celebrated The Graph’s third birthday :partying_face:, increasing awareness about The Graph in India.

Looking Forward

Looking forward, The Graph India will prioritize having more developers engage with technical projects and increase general participation in governance. Efforts will include producing video content in both Hindi and English to facilitate broader community involvement! Since July, more than 17 in-real-life (IRL) events have occurred demonstrating The Graph India’s dedication to informing the web3 community there.

zkmap | Best New Subgraph (04:34)

Emir, a developer of zkmap, presented on the project which won the grand prize for Best New Subgraph at the Eth Instanbul hackathon. The developer joined Community Talk #30 to highlight the project and how it utilizes The Graph.

The project features a Proof-Generation Mobile App that enables users to create location proofs, viewable on a map for history tracking. It also offers a chat application for localized communication based on these proofs, with applications ranging from event attendance verification to legal and emergency services. The technology incorporates trusted hardware, zero-knowledge circuits using the Noir language, and The Graph’s subgraph infrastructure for data management. Additionally, it includes a private chat feature based on location proofs, enhancing user privacy and interaction.

The Graph’s Role

By leveraging The Graph, the project ensures real-time updates, accuracy in location verification, and a streamlined user experience, particularly in applications like the private group chat feature and personalized user feedback within the app. The Graph’s technology thus plays a pivotal role in optimizing the app’s performance and expanding its capabilities in handling complex location-based data.

The Graph on Campus (21:24)

The Graph on campus is an initiative by The Graph Foundation to engage with college students in web3 and blockchain technology. Marcus, who works in developer relations and success at Edge & Node, shared his experience with The Graph On Campus His role focuses on supporting developers’ journeys in various settings, including in-person meetings, online chats, and hackathons.

The Graph on Campus Overview:

  • The Graph on Campus was launched by The Graph Foundation to interact with college students across the world.
  • It was hosted at over 40 campuses worldwide, including in Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia.
  • The initiative included educational events and hackathons to introduce students to The Graph and web3.
  • Shoutout to Reem! She played a significant role in organizing the events and is featured on an episode of GRTiQ!

Marcus’s Experience

During his participation in The Graph on Campus at the University of Michigan and Georgia Tech, Marcus engaged extensively with college students. His role involved educating them about The Graph’s ecosystem, including hands-on experiences in building and querying subgraphs. The format of these events allowed for in-depth, supportive interaction, which was a stark contrast to the rapid, high-pressure environment of typical hackathons. They were also conducted in a classroom setting, provided a more thorough and engaging educational experience, fostering a deeper understanding of web3 and The Graph among students.

Reflecting on the impact and outlook of the initiative, Marcus emphasized its success in introducing students from computer science and financial backgrounds to web3 concepts and the practical applications of The Graph in decentralization. He highlighted the significance of reaching out to universities that lack dedicated web3 courses, particularly noting the value of starting blockchain clubs. Marcus found the initiative highly beneficial and expressed hope for its continuation and expansion in the following years. This effort by The Graph Foundation represents a crucial step in educating and involving the next generation of developers and enthusiasts in the rapidly evolving web3 and blockchain ecosystem.

The Graph Advocates Program and Progress (30:21)

The community call concluded with a presentation on the Graph Advocates program, where Colson highlighted its achievements in 2023 and the program’s future goals.

Recap of 2023

In 2023, the Graph Advocates program experienced significant growth, adding over 120 new advocates from India, Africa, and South America, representing 45% of its total members. The program’s diversity was further enriched by professionals including builders, developers, students, and technical teachers. By year-end, the advocate count surpassed 400, with a notable presence in India and Nigeria, highlighting the program’s global reach and effective community expansion within The Graph ecosystem.

Roles and Contributions of Graph Advocates:

  • Advocates engaged in roles like Event Evangelists, Content Creators, Text Translators, Community Care, and Technical Teachers.
  • Event evangelists hosted over 200 online or in-person events worldwide, including workshops, presentations, AMAs, and hackathons, reaching over 3000 attendees.
  • Content creators produced more than 250 pieces of content about The Graph and web3, including articles, videos, infographics, and memes.
  • Text translators translated over 2.5 million words, contributing to the official translation of The Graph website and documentation into multiple languages.
  • Community care advocates actively supported users in various forums and chatrooms.
  • Technical teachers provided hands-on education, especially at hackathons and real-life events.

In summary, the Graph Advocates program has made significant strides in building a diverse, global community that actively contributes to The Graph ecosystem through various roles and initiatives. The program’s success in 2023 sets a strong foundation for further growth and impact in the coming years, with Colson emphasizing the importance of onboarding more advocates to develop local communities and teams.

Learn more about specific roles and apply to be a Graph Advocate here!

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