The Graph's Community Talk #32

The Graph’s Community Talk #32 was held on Tuesday, Februrary 20th @8am pst.

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Community Updates (00:00)

Meme Competition

Playgrounds0x has emerged as the winner of the meme competition! Attendees and community members can view the winning memes on The Graph AdvocatesDAO Twitter page, showcasing the creativity within the community.

ETH Denver

An invitation to was extended to all listeners who plan to attend ETH Denver (February 23rd-March 3rd 2024)to visit The Graph booth and participate in a workshop hosted by the core devs.

Contributions and Contributors

Highlighting the contributions of community members, Larik was recognized for creating high-quality visuals that effectively showcased protocol news and updates about the advocates program. These visuals play a crucial role in communicating The Graph’s advancements and engaging with the wider community.

Colson took a moment to express gratitude towards several community members for their remarkable work in their community care roles. Special thanks were given to “Thomas athsrueas.eth”, “paulieb.eth”, “Siddhant”, and “yashhhh.eth | E&N” for their dedication and contributions in answering community questions.

Workshops and Community Events

The zero - dApp workshop in Accra, Ghana was spotlighted by “Chidubem | The Graph” for its focus on building dApps and integrating subgraphs. Simon and Jerry from Edge & Node were contributors to this workshop, underscoring The Graph’s commitment to education and development in the blockchain space.

Join TheGraphAfrica telegram here.

Furthermore, “lorenablockya” shared exciting details about the upcoming ETH Argentina event on March 1st and 2nd, which will include a technical side event. Additionally, “Emmilili” recapped the ETH Cinco de Mayo event held from February 1st to 4th, 2024, emphasizing its goal to enrich the developer community through workshops and networking. The hackathon during this event saw a dApp focused on music and NFTs as its winner, highlighting the innovative use of The Graph in new applications.


Community members were reminded to stay updated with monthly core developer updates on the forum, ensuring they remain informed about The Graph’s continuous progress and developments:

GRTiQ New Releases

GRTiQ Podcast: 152 Uri Kolodny
This episode features an engaging conversation with Uri Kolodny, Co-Founder and CEO of StarkWare, delving into the intricacies of Starknet, a Layer 2 scalability solution for Ethereum, and its upcoming support on The Graph Network. Despite Uri’s recent announcement of stepping down as CEO, the discussion highlights his contributions to blockchain technology and the anticipated integration with The Graph, underscoring his thoughtfulness and entrepreneurial spirit.

GRTiQ Podcast: 153 Rodrigo Coelho (Part 1)
GRTiQ Podcast: 154 Rodrigo Coelho (Part 2)
This episode features Rodrigo Coelho, Chief Spirit Officer at Edge & Node, in Part 2 of a compelling series where he shares his journey from the serendipitous meeting with Yaniv that led to becoming The Graph’s first employee, to the pivotal moments shaping the project’s success.

GRTiQ Podcast: 155 Juan Manuel Rodriguez Defago
This episode features and revisits Juan Manuel Rodriguez Defago, a Blockchain Developer at GraphOps, highlighting his transition from an engaged community member to a core developer within The Graph ecosystem since our last conversation in April 2021. Juan’s dedication to The Graph is evident as he shares insights into his current work, including pivotal projects like Graph Horizon and New Era, underscoring his ongoing commitment to advancing the ecosystem.

GRTiQ Podcast: 156 Pablo Carranza Velez
This episode features Pablo Carranza Velez, Principal Software Engineer at Edge & Node, as we delve into his journey from an early interest in space to pivotal roles in web3 and The Graph. Highlighting his contributions, including the successful L2 migration to Arbitrum One and the development of the Graph Horizon proposal, Pablo offers valuable insights into his work and the future directions of The Graph ecosystem.

GRTiQ Podcast: 157 Ayoola John
This episode features Ayoola John, CEO and Co-Founder of Astronaut, discussing his innovative AI assistant aimed at transforming community management. AJ shares his journey from Lagos to leading roles at Facebook and Coinbase, his entrepreneurial ventures, and offers a special discount for listeners on the Astronaut PRO Plan.

Graph Horizon Presentation (09:20)

Pablo, of Edge & Node, shared a short presentation on Graph Horizon, which is a proposed update to The Graph, focusing on making it more modular, flexible, robust, decentralized, and resistant to censorship. It aims to move away from a monolithic structure, allowing a broader range of data services without needing governance approval, thus spurring innovation and diversifying services.

Economic and Security Model Changes

Graph Horizon plans significant changes to enhance economic security and clarity. It suggests making delegations slashable and introducing indexing fees to complement existing rewards, promoting permissionless participation and strengthening censorship resistance. The approach includes permissionless or decentralized arbitration, letting each data service customize its arbitration and verification processes, reducing governance involvement. A key part of the strategy is a modular staking contract where providers stake GRT to ensure service integrity, with verifiers having the power to slash stakes based on set rules.

Protocol Structure and Governance

Graph Horizon promotes permissionless composability, allowing new data services with unique rules, independent of core staking contract approval. The trust in the core staking contract is crucial, with discussions on whether to use a fully immutable contract or a time-locked upgrade process. This flexibility allows each data service to create its arbitration mechanism, possibly leading to a marketplace of arbitrators valued for their reputation and fairness.

Automation and Verification

A primary goal of Horizon is to increase automated, on-chain verifiability for data services, reducing reliance on human arbitration and improving economic security.

Decentralization and Censorship Resistance

Graph Horizon is committed to enhancing censorship resistance and decentralization, notably aiming to remove the need for oracles in indexing rewards.

Indexing and Fee Structure

Graph Horizon introduces GIP-58, adding indexing fees as a method for indexing subgraphs alongside existing rewards, without immediate changes to the latter.

Community Involvement and Protocol Evolution

Graph Horizon aims to wisely use GRT issuance, encouraging discussions on its best use without altering indexing rewards. It addresses concerns about consumer choice leading to centralization by suggesting automated selection and encouraging developers to spread indexing fees across multiple indexers, improving service quality and decentralization. It seeks more efficient interactions by removing the need for curation fees or protocol taxes for services not based on issuance and indexing rewards, potentially reducing costs and aiding The Graph’s growth. Community discussions are focused on evolving the protocol towards Graph Horizon, comparing the incremental improvements of the Brownfields approach with the new, parallel protocol structure of the Greenfield approach.

Operational Efficiency and User Experience

Graph Horizon aims to simplify the process for developers to index their subgraphs, ensuring more predictable pricing and a better overall experience. The urgency of these discussions is emphasized, given the limited time to address these significant changes.

Graph Horizon Links

Forum Post
Blog Post

GrapHER Club Podcast (18:59)

The Graphtronauts have embarked on an initiative to transform the narrative surrounding women in the Web3, launching the GrapHER Club Podcast. This innovative project, hosted by “Emmilili” and revealed during the community talk, is designed to empower and inspire women to navigate and thrive in the dynamic Web3 space. The initiative underscores the fact that one doesn’t need a computer science degree or coding expertise to make a mark in Web3, highlighting the ecosystem’s openness to diverse talents ranging from design and community building to development.

The GrapHER Club Podcast aims to spotlight trailblazing women who are making significant waves across the Web3 sphere, whether they are researchers, founders, or pioneers in their fields, driving home the message of gender inclusivity within the tech landscape. The podcast’s debut episode delves into the inspiring journey of Mickey Negus, Senior Engineering Manager at Edge & Node, as she discusses her path to become a pioneering female leader in tech, overcoming imposter syndrome, and the resilience needed in her role. Mickey’s story offers crucial insights for those aspiring to leadership in the tech industry, offering valuable advice to those looking to venture into this often complex and intimidating industry.

This project is a testament to the passion and dedication of The Graphtronauts team, aiming to create a supportive space for women in Web3. With the first episode already launched to coincide with the community talk, the team encouraged the community to engage with the content. Emmilili expressed the podcast is a heartfelt endeavor to contribute positively to the Web3 community, promising an exciting lineup of guests and stories in the weeks to come.

BuildersDAO Updates (22:41)

James from BuildersDAO shared insights into the organization’s dedication to enhancing The Graph ecosystem. BuildersDAO, a collective of developers, is committed to developing high-quality subgraphs and Substreams to seamlessly integrate various Web3 protocols and projects with The Graph. Their focus is not only on the creation of these integrations but also on retention, offering continuous support, and encouraging innovation to maintain project engagement within the ecosystem.

He detailed the organization’s main efforts, which include the from-scratch development of subgraphs, optimization, and upgrades of subgraphs from hosted services to decentralized networks, with a particular emphasis on those powered by Substreams. Additionally, James mentioned their work on critical bug fixes and providing technical support.

Recent endeavors highlighted by James involve the creation of subgraphs for the Token Name Service for TokenDAO and for FloorDAO V2, initiating a subgraph project for the Ethereum Follow Protocol, and optimizing the Uniswap V3 subgraph, with similar optimization efforts underway for the Uniswap V2 subgraph.

James also elaborated on the DAO’s proactive measures towards migration and retention, including a dashboard crafted by a team member, Thomas. This dashboard tracks subgraphs on the hosted service, identifying potential projects for migration to The Graph Network and highlighting subgraphs that fail to sync as opportunities for bug fixes.

He further stressed the importance of Substreams development within BuildersDAO, mentioning a bounty for DAO members to create basic Substreams. Key projects in this area include Substreams for Chainlink and Uniswap pricing, among others in progress.

Concluding his update, James extended an invitation to individuals skilled in subgraph and Substream development and passionate about Web3 and The Graph to consider joining BuildersDAO.

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