The Graph's Community Talk #33

The Graph’s Community Talk #33 was held on Tuesday, March 19th @8am PST.

The Graph’s Community Talk covers a wide range of subjects and provides attendees with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings within The Graph community. The meetings are held in The Graph Stage channel of the Discord Server.

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Community Updates (00:00)

  • Introduction to Community Talk #33.
  • Update on the Uniswap subgraph by Mac and Derek from BuildersDAO.
  • The Graph’s network growth with over 100,000 delegators.
  • Expansion to support over 40 different chains.
  • Introduction to new GRT-IQ podcast episodes and their highlights.
  • Monthly core developer updates from Edge & Node, GraphOps, Semiotic Labs, StreamingFast, The Guild, Messari, Pinax, and Geo.

Zero-to-Dapp Workshop | ETHNigeria (02:25)

  • Overview of Temitope Hassan’s contributions to the Zero-to-Dapp workshop at ETHNigeria.
  • Discussion on the workshop’s aim and outcomes.
  • Future plans for community engagement and developer training.

Ethereum Dencun | Daniel Keyes (10:15)

  • Daniel Keyes discusses the Ethereum Dencun update and EIP-4844.
  • The challenge of data accessibility with blobs and the collaborative solution involving Pinax and Streaming Fast.
  • The potential of The Graph as a new data availability layer for the Ethereum ecosystem.

ETHDenver & ETHGlobal London Updates (18:10)

  • Kevin shares his experience at ETHDenver and the hackathon judging.
  • Highlights of projects built on The Graph and the engagement of core developers.
  • Updates on ETHGlobal London and the community-driven initiatives.

The Technical Advisory Board (22:27)

  • Introduction of the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and its role within The Graph ecosystem.
  • Derek Meyer discusses the need for the TAB and its mission.
  • The TAB’s critical role in fostering protocol evolution and enhancing The Graph’s infrastructure.

Community Updates (00:00)

In Community Talk #33, significant updates and achievements were showcased. The Uniswap subgraph, updated by Mac and Derek from BuildersDAO, exemplifies the community’s capability to drive impactful developments. The network’s growth is evident with over 100,000 delegators now part of The Graph, highlighting increased community engagement. Furthermore, the expansion to support over 40 different chains demonstrates The Graph’s adaptability and broad utility across various blockchain ecosystems.

New GRTiQ Episodes

New episodes of the GRT-IQ podcast offer insights into AI, user data privacy, and crypto wallet usability.

Monthly Core Dev Updates

Core developer updates on the forum provide the community with regular insights into developmental progress and future. Check them out here:

Zero-to-Dapp Workshop | ETHNigeria (02:25)

“Temitope Hassan | Graph Africa”, an advocate since 2022, recently contributed to the Zero-to-Dapp workshop at ETHNigeria, aiming to transition web2 developers to web3. This workshop, led by community manager “Chidubem | The Graph” and supported by four other advocates, introduced developers to The Graph ecosystem through live coding sessions. Participants, including those unfamiliar with essential tools for subgraph development, were guided through installing these and deploying their subgraphs. The hands-on approach was further emphasized with an assignment to use The Graph Client for queries, enhancing their practical understanding of subgraph deployment.

The workshop not only facilitated technical skill development but also showcased the potential of The Graph ecosystem to accommodate beginners and non-developers alike. One participant’s transition from a non-web developer to successfully deploying a subgraph highlighted the workshop’s effectiveness in demystifying web3 development.

Upcoming events, including potential collaborations with the web3 community in Kenya for a hackathon and conference, aim to further expand the ecosystem and engage more developers. These initiatives underscore a growing effort to enhance The Graph ecosystem’s reach, offering comprehensive support to new developers through practical training and community engagement.

Ethereum Dencun | Daniel Keyes (10:15)

Daniel Keyes, CEO of Pinax, shared insights on the Ethereum Dencun update, highlighting the implementation of EIP-4844. This hard fork aims to enhance Ethereum’s scalability and reduce costs for L2 roll-up transactions by introducing blob-carrying transactions. Blobs, large data packets, allow for a significant reduction in roll-up transaction costs, by about a hundredfold, making L2 proofs posting more scalable and affordable.

However, a challenge arose as blobs are stored on Ethereum for only 18 days before being removed, posing data accessibility issues. To address this, Pinax collaborated with Streaming Fast to develop a solution utilizing Firehose and Substream technologies, ensuring the long-term preservation of blob data as a subgraph on The Graph. This initiative not only saves the blob data indefinitely but also demonstrates The Graph’s potential as a new data availability layer for the Ethereum ecosystem, in line with efforts to preserve Ethereum’s long-term history.

The collaboration showcases the flexibility and power of Firehose and Substream technologies, with a prototype developed in two weeks, emphasizing rapid innovation by The Graph’s core developer teams. Keyes’s presentation underscores the collective effort of core developers in enhancing blockchain scalability and data availability, offering insights and resources for further exploration of this technological advancement.

ETHDenver & ETHGlobal London Updates (18:10)

Kevin, stepping in as a last-minute replacement speaker, shared his experience judging the hackathon at ETH Denver, highlighting the vibrant atmosphere and the strong presence of builders within the ecosystem. ETH Denver saw participation from various core developers and community members, featuring eight technical presentations and five workshops on The Graph. The event was notable for the involvement of 23 projects built on The Graph, including one that utilized Substreams, which was impressive due to its novel nature. This showcase of innovation and collaboration was further amplified by a project presentation during The Graph Builders Offfice Hours, emphasizing the community’s engagement and success at the event.

He also shared updates on his time at ETHGlobal London, underscoring the ongoing efforts to engage and expand The Graph community through workshops and hackathons, demonstrating the ecosystem’s dynamic growth and the vital role of community-driven initiatives.

The Technical Advisory Board (22:27)

Derek Meyer, founder of DataNexus and inaugural member of the Technical Advisory Board (TAB), introduced the board’s role within The Graph ecosystem. The TAB was formed to address the technical complexities encountered by The Graph Council during protocol and smart contract changes, ensuring everything operates smoothly before updates reach the mainnet. The Graph Council found it challenging to delve into detailed technical reviews during meetings, necessitating a dedicated body for technical scrutiny and research to assess the impacts of proposed changes thoroughly.

The TAB’s mission includes conducting research on how changes affect the protocol and ensuring proposed updates are beneficial for the entire ecosystem. This process is structured through The Graph Improvement Process, facilitating a formal pathway for implementing network changes. The TAB provides feedback to The Graph Council on the technical and stakeholder implications of proposed changes, drawing on a diverse range of expertise from members. This broad expertise allows the TAB to offer comprehensive analyses of how modifications might influence the network’s dynamics, rewards, and overall health.

Meyer’s discussion highlighted the TAB’s critical role in fostering protocol evolution, emphasizing collaboration among stakeholders to enhance The Graph’s infrastructure and services. The formation of the TAB marks a significant step towards streamlining technical governance and ensuring the Graph protocol’s sustainable and strategic development.

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