The Graph's Community Talk #6

Join The Graph Community Talk meeting to get all the latest updates from The Graph ecosystem and protocol, happening next Tuesday, December 21st @ 8am PST.

We are covering a wide range of subjects from all corners of our network and are providing you with a comprehensive recap of the latest happenings at The Graph. The meeting link is:
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This month’s discussion topics include:

The Graph Community Talk is geared towards a broad audience regardless of background, whether technical or non-technical. We are looking for active participation from the community and are looking forward to your engagement!

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In this meeting, we listen to updates on community events and governance, learn about The Graph Academy grants program and deep dive into the background of two new core development teams.

Topics Include:

  • Dcentral Miami
  • The Graph Academy Grants Program
    • Available RFPs
  • Governance Updates
    • Community Snapshot Voting Strategy
    • Approved GIPs
    • New Graph Council Member
    • Holiday Meeting Schedule
  • The Graph’s Birthday
  • The Guild Awarded $48M Grant
  • Semiotic AI Interview

Detailed notes regarding each topic with timestamps can be found below.

Dcentral Miami (2:38)

The Graph had the opportunity to show The Graph Protocol at work at Dcentral Miami! Audius, KnownOrigin and Upshot all were utilized to show conferencegoers how The Graph Protocol powers the decentralized web. Attendees could participate in a silent disco, view artwork being auctioned off by KnownOrigin featuring visual representations of data flowing through The Graph network and have a one of a kind experience learning about The Graph.

The Graph Academy Grants Program (6:24)

Listen below to a message from Stefan Muller about The Graph Academy Grants program that is now live!

Available RFPs

  • Indexer Onboarding Course
  • Subgraph Development Course

To learn more visit:

Governance Updates (8:30)

Community Snapshot Voting Strategy

Please provide feedback in the forum regarding revising the community snapshot voting strategy. The addition of the curator network roll and experience gained throughout the last year utilizing snapshot voting calls for review of the current strategy.

Approved GIPs

New Graph Council Member

Sebastian Siemssen (Fuhby) has joined The Graph Council! A longtime contributor to The Graph, Sebastian will represent the user experience and subgraph developer experience on the council

Holiday Meeting Schedule

Curation Catalyst Calls, Erigion Working Group and Indexer Office Hours are cancelled for the remaining days of the year. They will resume in the new year!

The Graph’s Birthday (11:41)

The Graph Protocol turned 1 on December 17th! The day kicked off with the distribution of informational charts on what the members of The Graph community were able to accomplish in its first year. A Twitter spaces call featured members from almost all core development teams where Nick Hansen moderated a chat between the community, founders and developers.

  • The Twitter spaces chat should be available soon in case you missed it!

Following the Twitter spaces chat, community led events around the globe took place. The Graphs diverse community came together and celebrated The Graph’s role in decentralizing the future.


  • 5 core development teams
  • 158 Indexers
  • 2,341 Curators
  • 8,200 Delegators
  • 14% MoM increase in developers building & querying subgraphs
  • 31,000 lifetime subgraphs
  • 1.8 billion average daily query volume

The Guild Joins The Graph as Core Developers (22:58)

The Guild was awarded a four-year $48 million grant to join The Graph ecosystem as a core development team. The guild is a group of open-source developers focused on Graph QL. As part of the Graph QL Foundation, The Guild maintains reference implementation of Graph QL, helps with the maintenance of Graph QL spec and builds open-source tools around Graph QL.

As a core developer, The Guild will focus on developing new subgraph features such as subgraph composition, analytics, mutations as well as improve the GraphQL API and subgraph developer environment. They will also focus on Graph Node querying capabilities and collaborate with other core developers to onboard web2 developers to The Graph.

Semiotic AI | Sam Green Interview (35:04)

Nick Hansen, member of The Graph Foundation and host of the GRTiQ podcast, interviews Sam Green of Semiotic AI about Semiotic AI’s protocol journey. Semiotic AI was a wave one grantee for their work on reinforcement learning in the query layer of The Graph and was recently awarded $60 million to join The Graph ecosystem as a core developer.

Semiotic AI use artificial intelligence and machine learning to test potential changes to the protocol and build automation tools for users of The Graph. They also focus on zero knowledge proofs as part of their cryptographic engineering.

In the 12-minute audio segment below, you will hear Sam Green detail how artificial intelligence and machine learning lends itself to The Graph.

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