The Guild January 2023 Update

:man_astronaut:t3: Executive Summary

Happy new year! We canโ€™t wait to ship great features and improve the developer experience. We are heads down re-working the graph-cli into TypeScript and then unify all the tooling for subgraph development. We are also focusing on landing nested filters and cursor pagination into graph-node

:tada: Looking back (what was delivered)

Note: many of us were away but tried our best to keep the boat sailing.

  • graph-node
    • Gather metrics around GraphQL Validation
    • Debugging issues on schema changes for supporting cursor pagination
      • Explored ways we can refactor the execution engine in future to improve performance and make it easier for future contributors.
    • Debugging tests for nested filters
  • graph-client
    • Performance improvements
  • graph-cli
    • We decide to pause new features to CLI so we can focus on migrating to TypeScript
      • In this process we also investigated on reducing dependencies which will be follow up once we unify all the tooling in one place.

:rocket: Looking ahead (upcoming priorities)

  • graph-node
    • Finalize Nested Sorting and test out in staging
    • Work with E&N team to rollout GraphQL Validations to the network
    • Relay style cursor pagination
      • Work on SQL generation for operations
      • Add some tests and get reviews
  • graph-client
    • Performance improvements and fix any bugs
  • graph-cli
    • Finalize TypeScript migration and then merge all the other repos
    • Start OClif migration - this will help us ship CLI as a binary so we can avoid all sorts of dependency problems some new users face in onboarding today when getting started with graph-cli
  • Publish roadmap for Graph Tooling Task Force

In addition to that, we are working on some improvementssuggested by @schmidsi for graph-client : Option to stop polling/querying if tab is not active ยท Issue #354 ยท graphprotocol/graph-client ยท GitHub

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