This month in curation #12 | February 22

This Month:

  • The Graph Advocates Program has launched

  • The Graph Foundation allocates $1.72M in Wave 4 Grants

  • Moonbeam is now supported on The Hosted Service

The Graph Advocates Program Has Launched

  • This program is a community-led and community-driven initative serving as a portal into web3 for people across the world.

  • Advocates will have the unique opportunity to make important contributions that will directly impact their local communities, the web3 mission, and the future of The Graph Ecosystem.

  • There are currently six different Advocate roles to embody:

    • Event Evangelist
    • Content Creators
    • Text Translators
    • Community Care
    • Technical Teacher
    • Web3 Welcomer
  • I encourage anyone who wants to get more involved in The Graph Ecosystem to read more and to apply for The Graph Advocates Program:

The Graph Foundation Allocates $1.72M in Wave 4 Grants

  • Last year, The Graph Foundation allocated over $9 million to over 100 grantees in Waves 1, 2, and 3.

  • For Wave 4, The Graph Foundation is excited to distribute over $1.7M to over 30 grantees to continue improving upon The Graph protocol, support dapps building with subgraphs, and grow the community.

  • If you have ideas for Wave 5 make sure to apply for a grant - the application portal is always open!

  • If you’d like to learn more about the Wave 4 Grants see

Moonbeam is now supported on the Hosted Service

  • The Hosted Service now support Moonbeam. The Hosted Service now supports 31 networks!

  • The Hosted Service already supports Moonriver, Moonbeams companion network on Kusama. The Hosted Service also supports the Moonbase Alpha TestNet.

  • Read the announcement Twitter Thread.

Rewarded force-close mechanism to eliminate stale allocations

  • The natural lifetime of an allocation is 1-28 epochs. Allocations that are not closed within 28 epochs are called stale allocations. Stale allocations, or “Zombie Indexers”, are detrimental to the health of the network.

  • Delegators are able to force-close stale allocations with a 0x0 PoI. This means the allocation is closed with zero Indexing rewards - neither to the Indexer nor their Delegator(s). This mechanism is a safeguard against malicious Indexers.

  • It is possible for anyone to delegate a nominal amount to an Indexer, for then to force-close their stale allocation(s) with a 0x0 PoI. This was repeatedly done by a delegator whose address started with 0xdead. One may argue that closing stale allocations promote network health and integrity. It also decreases network inflation at the cost of “Zombie Indexers”

  • Force-closing an arbitrary stale allocation requires 3 contract interactions (approve, delegate and closeAllocation). This incurs a large gas cost. In most cases, the gas cost is higher than what an individual stand to gain from closing that allocation.

  • Sam Green is proposing to reward those who force-close stale allocations. See the Forum Thread

  • Ariel suggested to allow anyone to close a stale allocation, without having to delegate first. See his Forum Post in the same thread.