This month in Graph Indexing - January 2022 Edition

Welcome to This Month in Graph Indexing where we look back at the last month and highlight the most interesting happenings in The Graph Indexer community.

:ocean: The Graph Foundation Allocates $1.72M in Wave 4 Grants :ocean:

It’s an exciting time for those contributing towards the development of web3! Last year, The Graph Foundation allocated over $9 million to over 100 grantees in Waves 1, 2, and 3. The Graph Foundation also welcomed 4 new core developer teams - in addition to StreamingFast and Figment, the community welcomed The Guild and Semiotic AI, to focus on core development on the protocol.

For Wave 4, The Graph Foundation is going to distribute over $1.7M to over 30 grantees to continue improving upon The Graph protocol, support dapps building with subgraphs, and grow the community.

If you did not receive a grant in any of the past waves, don’t fret! Applications are always open and welcome, make sure to include as much detail as possible! Learn more about the Grants Program here, core protocol development opportunities here, as well as continuous RFPs that will be posted here. The Foundation looks forward to seeing grantees succeed, and is evermore hopeful for what’s yet to come in Wave 5.

:man_zombie: Sam proposes a mechanism to reward the elimination of stale allocations :man_zombie:

In his proposal, @Sam mentions that zombie Indexers are hurting the protocol, but it’s too gas expensive and there’s almost nothing to gain for someone to force-close stale allocations.

Wouldn’t it make sense to give a reward to whoever closes stale allocations? Think like Maker liquidations. The cleaning job would be done by Searchers! (“Searchers” is a term used by Flashbots to describe the role of searching for and submitting liquidations, arbitrage, and other forms of MEV. “Keepers” is another good term and they have a similar role to Searchers but in the Keep3r Network.)

There are certain advantages and disadvantages to the solution proposed by Sam. What are your thoughts on this proposal? Let your voice be heard in the Forum Thread!

:ballot_box: GIP-0022: Tendermint indexing for Graph node is now in discussions on the Forum :ballot_box:

This proposal describes the integration of Tendermint into Graph Node. Tendermint is a solution that packages the networking and consensus layers of a blockchain into a generic engine. It’s the layer that contains all the network data. Many networks in the Cosmos ecosystem are built on Tendermint, which makes it the first point of integration.

If you want to contribute with ideas, or discuss the implementation, follow this link to the Forum post!

:coin: The Graph Foundation raises $50M in Strategic GRT Sale to Decentralize Web3 :coin:

The Graph Foundation has secured $50 million through a strategic GRT sale from its treasury in order to aggressively onboard the brightest minds in web3. The sale will help advance The Graph’s progress to enable truly verifiable indexing and querying and grow the protocol for subgraph developers’ needs.

This new funding will support grants for core development efforts, protocol R&D and provide a runway for the strategic initiatives of the Foundation, whose treasury is overseen by The Graph Council.

Over the next two years, The Graph Foundation will identify dedicated, talented teams to solve problems of centralization, security, and scalability to join The Graph ecosystem. In order to shepherd adoption of web3 across the industry and bolster web3’s decentralization, The Graph Foundation is looking for teams that will focus on improving node infrastructure, database scaling, zero-knowledge proofs, verifiability, multi-blockchain, protocol economics research, subgraph API development, and more.

This builds upon the achievements of existing core development teams Figment, StreamingFast, Semiotic, and The Guild, which have expanded The Graph ecosystem after joining last year alongside Edge & Node.

:first_quarter_moon_with_face: The Hosted Service now supports indexing and querying Moonbeam subgraphs :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

This integration marks the first time The Graph’s hosted service is indexing a Polkadot parachain —further connecting the multi-blockchain world.

Integrating with The Graph will allow smart contract developers to begin building, publishing, and using subgraphs on Moonbeam. This integration paves the way for more projects to deploy to Moonbeam.

Moonbeam is a natural fit for The Graph’s multi-chain strategy, which targets chains that have significant developer activity. Polkadot has emerged as a key hub of developer activity outside of Ethereum, and within Polkadot, many teams are choosing to develop on Moonbeam given its Ethereum compatible approach and a broad set of tools and protocol integrations.

:studio_microphone: New GRTiQ Podcasts :studio_microphone:

This month we’ve been delighted with 3 more episodes of the GRTiQ Podcast.

Take your time to go through them all, to understand the network and the protocol just a little better. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • GRTiQ Podcast: 47 Data, Web3, and The Graph
    • Craig and Ricky offer an incredible view into the topic of data, both in The Graph and in Web3. During this episode, they share important ideas about how Web3 is changing the data landscape, why these changes are important, and how The Graph is leading the way.
  • GRTiQ Podcast: 48 Simon Emanuel Schmid
    • Simon talks about his background and entry into crypto. As you will hear, Simon is another example of someone who needed a solution for a problem, came across The Graph, and then went to work full-time building the ecosystem.
  • GRTiQ Podcast: 49 David Lutterkort
    • David talks about his education, his move from Germany to the United States, his entry into tech and Web2, along with his subsequent move into Web3. David also shares a lot of his experiences and observations related to The Graph, including some thoughtful discussion of the hosted service and mainnet, and Web3.

PS: Thanks for everything you’re doing, @GRTIQ :slightly_smiling_face: The community wouldn’t have been so educated today if it weren’t for you!