This Month in Graph Indexing - May 2021 Edition

:newspaper: This Month in Graph Indexing - May Edition :newspaper:

Welcome to This Month in Graph Indexing where we look back at the last month and highlight the most interesting happenings in The Graph Indexer community.

:milky_way: Graph Mainnet Migration Phase 2 is here! :milky_way:

The highly anticipated Phase 2 of Graph Mainnet Migration landed on Tuesday 25th May with the 0.15.0 release of the graph-indexer software.

The action items per the Indexer Mainnet Migration Guide for Phase 2 are:

  • Processing queries on mainnet
  • Integrating Vector/Scalar on testnet

Indexers that have upgraded are already handling a mix of test and production traffic for all Migration Partners, using Scalar for payments.

Indexer Dashboard showing the queries served per second, per subgraph on Mainnet.

Hundreds of millions of queries have already been served - upgrade your Indexing infrastructure now! If you need assistance, drop into the #indexer-software channel on Discord.

:woman_factory_worker:t4: Indexer Migration Workshops :woman_factory_worker:t4:

The Migration plans include a number of workshops aimed at Indexers. All sessions will be recorded, but it is recommended that you are present in case you have any questions. Phase 1 and 2 workshops have taken place and recordings are now available for all sessions:

  • Workshop #1: Intro to Scalar & Vector Node

    Live - April 27th, 8am PST - recording

  • Protocol Town Hall #3

    Live - May 4, 8am PST - recording

  • Workshop #2: Disputes & Arbitration

    Live - May 5, 9am PST - recording

  • Workshop #3: Cost Model & Performance

    Live - May 20, 8am PST - recording

Many more workshops are planned for Phase 3 (Curation Live) however in the meantime, Town Hall #4 is coming up on 1st June 0800 Pacific, further details can be found here.

:woman_judge:t4: The Arbitration Charter :woman_judge:t4:

Brandon from Edge & Node has proposed an Arbitration Charter to cover how an Arbitrator should behave in managing on-chain disputes. On-chain disputes encompasses the correct delivery of both subgraph data (indexing) and serving queries - making sure that there is a fair system for assessing data and query integrity as delivered by an Indexer in such case as a subgraph is indexed incorrectly, or bad data is served to a consumer.

In this forum post, Brandon outlines the charter, and following some input from the community, has updated the proposal to cover certain incidents that might occur e.g. if a subgraph hits a fatal error, meaning it cannot be indexed anymore, Indexers are allowed to close their allocation to that subgraph with the last good PoI (Proof of Indexing - a statement that provides evidence that an Indexer actually did index a specific subgraph) rather than being forced to sacrifice the rewards gained up to that point because the subgraph failed.

The Arbitration Charter is a living document at this point and will require input from the wider community in order to be effective, especially in the early weeks and months of Mainnet indexing, where we are likely to see more unexpected challenges that might cause Stakeholders to be unfairly punished economically, despite acting in good faith. It is a good idea, especially for Indexers and Subgraph developers, to take a read through the charter so that if an incident arises that might impact you, you know what the current iteration of the Arbitration Charter covers.

The Abitration Charter will continue to be a topic of discussion as we move deeper into Mainnet, and if you have wider arbitration concerns you want to discuss, please do bring them up at Office Hours.

:raised_hands: Community Updates :raised_hands:

Graph Forums

  • Konstantin from P2P proposes a PoI Comparison Group - link
  • Ariel proposes deployment of new peripheral contract in support of future Vector state channels integration - link

Graph Social Media

  • index-africa joined Office Hours to share their origin story and plans for expanding their indexing operation in Africa. - link
  • Graph now has POAPs for all the stakeholders! Make sure and grab yours. - link
  • Graph Academy launches Baremetal Indexer deployment guide - link
  • Nader from Edge & Node presents Building Rich APIs on top of Ethereum with Graph protocol at EthGlobal - link
  • GRTiQ continues to interview community members every week - link

That’s the highlights for the last month. If you have any feedback for the β€œThis Month in…” updates feel free to post below or get in contact with me on Twitter. See you in the next one.