This month in Graph Indexing - October 2021 Edition

Welcome to This Month in Graph Indexing where we look back at the last month and highlight the most interesting happenings in The Graph Indexer community.

:mega: Calling all Indexers :mega:

The Graph is taking a survey to gain insights from the Indexer community in order to improve the protocol experience.

If you are an Indexer, please share your feedback & complete this survey here!

:rocket: The Graph integrates with its first non-EVM chain, NEAR Protocol :rocket:

NEAR is the latest chain to join The Graph’s hosted service, which continues to lead the way towards a multi-chain future. Integration with The Graph’s hosted service marks a huge step forward towards integration with The Graph Network. Once the The Graph community completes that integration, truly decentralized infrastructure for NEAR will finally be possible.

The NEAR integration enables developers to build subgraphs on the NEAR network using The Graph, allowing web3 infrastructure to support even more dapps. The integration utilizes StreamingFast’s Firehose interface, which is extendable to any blockchain and is the first end-to-end integration of the new core contributor’s previously proprietary (now open-source) technology. We will start seeing more Layer 1s integrate this technology soon.

Read more about the NEAR integration on the blog post here.

:crescent_moon: The Graph integrated Moonriver in the Hosted Service :crescent_moon:

Moonriver is a layer 1 Ethereum-compatible parachain that is connected to the Kusama Network.

Similar to how Kusama is the sister network to Polkadot, Moonriver is the sister network to Moonbeam Network, the layer 1 blockchain built on Polkadot.

Moonriver’s developer-focused community helps make the blockchain more compatible with The Graph —fulfilling one of the most commonly requested integrations in the Moonriver community.

:rescue_worker_helmet: Community Update on Core Dev Grants :rescue_worker_helmet:

The Graph has shared some exciting updates on core dev grants & how contributors can get more involved with The Graph protocol R&D!

Grants for core dev work are integral to protocol decentralization!

Read more on the blog post, here!

If you’d like to contribute & improve The Graph, apply for a grant via

Or, get started on an open RFP:…

:spider_web: The Graph announced integration with Arweave :spider_web:

This integration will allow indexed data from open APIs powered by The Graph, called subgraphs, to read and organize Arweave’s stored data. In other words, these subgraphs will read data stored on the Arweave protocol, allowing for quicker and more efficient access.

This will make it easier for developers to build permanent dapps! The Graph indexing & querying Arweave improves community use cases, including:

  • Internet archiving
  • NFT data
  • Governance data

Have a look at the blog post for more details!

:movie_camera: Ricky Esclapon made a video outlining the importance of The Graph in the blockchain space :movie_camera:

Ricky is a Data Scientist working at Edge&Node, one of the core dev teams behind The Graph. He recently released a video where he explains in easy words why The Graph is such an important piece of the blockchain puzzle, using Cryptovoxels as an example.

Find out more by watching his video here!

:man_astronaut:t2: Publish and Signal feature added to the Subgraph Studio :man_astronaut:t2:

Ever since the launch of the Subgraph Studio, subgraph developers have been waiting for a method to publish and signal their subgraphs in the same transaction, to avoid being frontran by other network participants on their own subgraph signals.

This has finally come to an end, as the Publish & Signal feature has been integrated in the Subgraph Studio!

:ocean: The Graph Foundation announces Wave 3 Grants :ocean:


Throughout this year, The Graph Foundation has allocated over $7.5 million to Wave 1 and 2 grantees and ecosystem contributors and provided grants to StreamingFast and Figment to focus on core development on the protocol. In Wave 3 they’ll be distributing over $1.5M to grantees to continue building out The Graph protocol, support dapps building on The Graph and grow the community.

If you have ideas for Wave 4 make sure to apply for a grant - the application is always open!

:ocean: Wave 2 grantee Anyblock Analytics released their allocation optimization script as part of their Grant :ocean:

Their tool allows indexers to optimize their allocated stake distribution in order to maximize indexing rewards and/or query fees. They demo’ed their tool in the Indexer Office Hours #33, which you can watch here.

:studio_microphone: GRTiQ Podcast :studio_microphone:

This month we’ve been delighted with 3 new podcasts!

Check them out here:

:calendar: The Graph is present at events in Lisbon throughout October and November :calendar:

  • 0xLiscon (20 - 21 Oct) - Watch Yaniv’s talk here - ✓
  • ETHLisbon (22 - 25 Oct) - ✓
  • NEARcon (26 - 27 Oct) - ✓
  • Web Summit (1 - 4 Nov)
  • Cosmoverse (5 - 6 Nov)
  • Solana Breakpoint (7 - 10 Nov)