This Month in Graph Indexing - February 2021 Edition

This Month in Graph Indexing - February Edition :newspaper:

Welcome to This Month in Graph Indexing, where we look back at the last month and highlight the most interesting happenings in The Graph Indexer community.

The Inaugural Graph Town Hall :earth_africa:

The first Graph Town Hall was held on Feb 23rd and over 200 community members attended in order to hear updates from Eva Beylin, Director of The Graph Foundation, and to learn about various Graph initiatives from community members including:

  • A dive into the Graph Improvement Process aka GIP with Brandon Ramirez from Edge & Node.
  • Snapshot for Graph governance with Dave Kajpust from Edge & Node
  • Potential protocol upgrades with Ariel Barmat from Edge & Node
  • Proposal to change the Indexer cut mechanism with Gavin from Figment

A replay of the full event is available here.

Blockchains, Blockchains, Blockchains! :chains:

The Graph Foundation has announced that support will be added in the future for querying data on four additional blockchains - Polkadot, NEAR, Solana and Celo. Additionally, in the last month, the Hosted Service has been updated to add support for two EVM compatible networks; Fantom and Polygon (Matic).

Edge & Node out of Stealth Mode 🕵🏽‍♀️

The core protocol team behind the inception of The Graph have founded a new company, Edge & Node. Edge & Node will continue to build the protocol alongside the community as well as contribute to the wider Web3 ecosystem. You can read more about Edge & Node here.

Graph Indexer Office Hours :studio_microphone:

The first two Graph Indexer Office Hours voice sessions were held on the Graph Discord in February. This session is a chance for Indexers and other community members to get together every week with Indexing subject matter experts to discuss a wide array of Indexer-related topics from infrastructure and software issues all the way through to protocol discussions and new community initiatives. Anyone is welcome to join, you can find both details of how to join and replays of the previous Office Hours here.

Highlights from the Graph Forum :handshake:

Proposal to change the ‘indexer cut’ mechanism - link

Gavin from Figment Networks has proposed a change to the Indexer cut mechanism in order to address the volatility of Indexer commission aka effective cut. This would remove the Indexer’s current need to regularly change their cut in order to maintain the same effective cut as their total delegation increases or decreases.

Pre-Proposal: Decentralizing Network Stake via Parameter Revision(s) - link

Gary/Fattox from Staking Facilities has started an early discussion on improving the decentralization of the network via network parameter changes. This discussion is motivated by some concerns that stake is pooling too heavily in very large Indexing operations and that this trend is likely to continue.

Adding Snapshot to The Graph Governance process - link

Dave from Edge & Node announced the creation of a Snapshot page for The Graph as another tool that the community can use in the governance process.

Know Your Indexer

The Graph Moderation team is running an initiative to help Delegators learn more about the Indexer community. You can ask questions and get to know more about the motivations of individual Indexers. Ongoing interviews:

Know Your Indexer #1 | Payne from StakeSquid - link

Know Your Indexer #2 | Stake-Machine - link

Know Your Indexer #3 | Cyfera - - link

Update: Indexer rewards should be withdrawable to a separate address - link

Last month we reported on this proposal which is now in the initial testing and audit phase. Please see the above link for a breakdown of progress and timelines from Dave Kajpust from Edge & Node.

That’s all the highlights for the last month. If you have any feedback for the “This Month in…” updates feel free to post below or get in contact with me on Twitter. See you in the next one.


I love these monthly summaries. Thanks Jim!

We’ve most likely got some new team members teaming up with Edge & Node as well. Martynas Prokopas joining the team as Site Reliability Engineer and Clarissa Watson who has joined as Marketing Manager. Welcome to the community! We’re happy to have you join the movement!


Thank you Jim. The monthly summary is great!