Unclaimed Indexer rewards


I have a question. I am an delegator, but my indexer doesn’t seem to claim his rewards from the subgraph regularly.
Does that mean, that as long as the indexer doesn’t claim it, I wont get my rewards? And if that is the case, then if I undelegate before the indexer claims it, that I won’t get any rewards?
Will my rewards be lower due to less redelegated GRT?

Regards MKOJay

Hi there! Welcome to the forum.

Rewards are earned on subgraph allocations, and the maximum age for an allocation is 28 days. That means an indexer should claim rewards every 28 days or less.

It is possible for an indexer to leave an allocation open for more than 28 days, but these may be forcibly closed by delegators, resulting in lost rewards.

Because allocating has non-trivial cost, don’t be alarmed if your indexer waits the full 28 day length (but personally I’d delegate elsewhere if they are leaving allocations open for more than 28 days).


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thanks for the answer

so something like this should be alarming? open claims since epoch 46 till the recent epoch

No worries!

“Unclaimed” is fine for now. To give wider context: allocations pass through a lifecycle that looks like this:

Open → Closed → Finalized → Claimed

Indexing rewards are received and distributed when an Indexer closes an allocation, taking it from Open to Closed. This is where the bulk of rewards (for Indexer & Delegators) comes from right now. 7 epochs after being Closed, the query dispute window closes, and allocations become Finalized. At this point, an Indexer can claim any Query Fee Rebates they have earned, which marks the allocation as Claimed. Given that query fees are so low right now, the marginal cost of claiming (in ETH gas fees) is not worth the marginal benefit (in GRT rebate claimed), so many indexers do not claim the rebate, which is rational behaviour.

In short, you shouldn’t be alarmed by this until query fees pick up substantially.

I would however poke your Indexer about allocating to more subgraphs than just PoolTogether!


Thanks for clearing this up.

As you said, gas fees are crazy, so i don’t want to redelegate.