Query fee rebate claiming: clarifying current behaviour

Hey friends,

I’ve set my query fee rebate claim threshold high to prevent my indexer-agent from spending lots of gas on claiming an insignificant amount of query fees.

My hope was that query fee rebates accumulate in the rebate pool, and all rebates can be claimed once the sum breaks the claim threshold. Is this the case, or are rebates lost if not claimed within a certain number of epochs?

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Hey, the way it works is that query fees accumulate on a per-epoch rebate pool in which your allocation was closed, this means:

  • Any new allocation that collect new query fees will be assigned to a new rebate pool for the epoch when it is closed along with the other allocations and fees collected from other indexers.
  • You can claim finalized allocations any time, there is no limit of time currently imposed in the protocol, though we might introduce one in the future.
  • The only factor that I can think will make the query fee rebate claimable economically is that the gas cost is lower.

One way to reduce gas cost of claiming multiple allocations is using the contracts claimMany() function, still not implemented in the indexer-agent but planning to do in the future.


Awesome, thanks for the response @ariel! I might try calling claimMany manually :slight_smile: Presumably I can query the mainnet network subgraph to get a list of allocation IDs. I guess I’ll need to figure out which allocation IDs are for epochs that are finalized.

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