What the Sunrise of Decentralized Data Means for Indexers

:sunrise: The Sunrise of Decentralized Data is revolutionizing blockchain data. But what does it mean for Indexers?

First, the Sunrise enables all hosted service users to upgrade their subgraphs to The Graph Network. As a result, they can begin taking advantage of the superior quality of service, fast syncing speeds, and network redundancy - all powered by hundreds of independent Indexers around the world.

Second, as developers upgrade, Indexers can expect more subgraphs and data queries than ever before :globe_with_meridians: The coming wave of subgraph upgrades to the decentralized network will bring a substantial increase in activity, a diversity of data, and will introduce new levels of demand. As a result, growth will translate directly into a broader array of queries to serve, opening a new chapter of opportunities by the Indexer community.

Another benefit of the Sunrise is the enabling of all hosted service chains on The Graph Network! While indexing rewards won’t be available until the specific chain has undergone the Chain Integration Process (CIP), Indexers will have the opportunity to see query demand and serve queries for many more blockchain networks. These invaluable insights will empower Indexers to seamlessly scale their indexing operations.

Learn more about the opportunities the Sunrise brings to Indexers, including how you can help facilitate upgrades by running an upgrade Indexer: